Are Dogs Allowed On Public Transport In Spain?

Are Dogs Allowed On Public Transport In Spain
DOG-FRIENDLY BUSES – Last but not least, it’s time to bark about buses. Here’s the catch: Public buses throughout Spain will only transport small dogs inside a carrier. For instance, Bizkaibus, which connects Bilbao to other districts of Bizkaia, only allows dogs under 8 kg in a carrier.

  • Unfortunately, except for working dogs (for the blind, disabled, and security personnel), larger dogs are NOT allowed on public buses in Spain;
  • If you are traveling locally with a big dog, you will have to resort to getting a taxi or rideshare unless you have a car or private transfer;

Call ahead of time or look for a dog-friendly option on the app to make sure the driver will accept your dog along with any requirements. I’ve seen big dogs being transported in crates in taxis in Catalonia, but I’m not sure if the demand was made by the driver. Are Dogs Allowed On Public Transport In Spain ARF, so are dogs allowed on public transportation in Spain ? You betcha, but with some limitations for big dogs. Even though it’s paws down easier to travel with a small dog in Spain , you can still travel with a big dog through careful planning and preparation. Hope you enjoy visiting Spain with your dog! Sniff out my dog-friendly guide to Spain. Feel free to share your dog-friendly experience with me. The Doob Are Dogs Allowed On Public Transport In Spain.

Are pets allowed on the train in Spain?

Yes, under certain conditions. For all but ´cercania´(short distance) trains, only small dogs or cats, in carriers, and you will have to pay for a ticket for them. So this goes for AVE, Intercity and other long distance trains. On ´cercania´ (short distance)trains, no carriers needed and dogs are allowed but always on leash and with muzzle, as long as other passengers do not object, no extra cost involved either.

  • Check for full list of requisites THIS link;
  • Please note: The information provided is based upon our understanding of current legislation;
  • It is not legal advice but is provided freely to enable you to be properly informed;
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We recommend that if you are considering taking action, you should seek professional advice.

Is Spain dog-friendly?

I’ll admit straight up, Spain is unfortunately one of the least dog-friendly countries in Europe. Although many Spanish own and pamper their dogs, they don’t have the same attitude towards dogs that many other European countries do, where dogs are frequently allowed inside restaurants and allowed on public transport as a right.

Travelling in Spain with your dog is more similar to travelling in the USA or Australia (where there’s also a lot of dog owners, but not many places that allow dogs), although it feels like it’s improving and there are some parts of Spain that are more dog-friendly than others.

But this didn’t hold me back from travelling around Spain with my dog, and I’m sure it won’t discourage many other dog owners from taking their dogs with them to Spain, whether for a short trip or a longer stay. After all, Spain is a terrific destination, especially to escape the cold during the cooler months in Europe. Are Dogs Allowed On Public Transport In Spain.

Can I travel to Spain with a dog passport from UK?

Taking dogs to Spain is pretty straightforward. You will need to get your dog an EU Pet Passport. Dogs, along with cats and ferrets, are eligible for an EU Pet Passport which allows them to enter the EU and travel freely between EU and certain listed countries.

This involved getting your dog microchipped and vaccinated against rabies at minimum. Secondly, you will need to organise travel. You can either enter Spain in a car or by air. Traveling by car is more straight toward than traveling by air.

This is because airlines have strict rules and requirements for taking pets on their planes. In this article, we will discuss in detail the process of taking a dog to Spain. Additionally, we will walk you through the process of obtaining a Spain pet passport and all the documents required.

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**BREXIT UPDATE** If traveling to Spain from the UK, you will now require an animal health certificate (AHC). If your dog’s EU pet passport was issued within the EU, it will still be valid as long as your dog’s vaccinations are up to date.

However, if your dog’s pet passport was issued in GB, it will no longer be valid.