Are Restaurants Open On Sunday In Spain?

Are Restaurants Open On Sunday In Spain
Yes, cafes and restaurants are open on Sundays.

Is anything open on Sundays in Spain?

Opening hours of shops in Spain – The classic Spanish shops are open from Monday to Friday at least from 9:30 to 13:30 and from 17 to 20. Many open in the morning already at 9 o’clock (bakeries also earlier) and close only at 14 o’clock. While in northern Spain the shops are open in the evening from 16:30 to 19:30, the business hours in southern Spain are usually from 17:30 to 20:30.

Saturdays are often only open in the morning. On Sundays the shops in Spain are traditionally closed. There are more and more exceptions to the above opening hours of shops in Spain: In the tourist regions, many shops are open much longer.

Some shops do not have afternoon rest at all and are open all the time. In many cities, the shops are also open on Sundays. Depending on the city and region, this can be all year round or limited to the summer or the pre-Christmas period. ´ The new shopping centres on the outskirts of the city or the large department stores such as El Corte de Ingles have also abolished the siesta.

Are restaurants closed on Sunday in Barcelona?

Restaurants on Sunday  – When it comes to the restaurants of Barcelona, they are open on Sundays just like every day of the week. But you should always check the opening hours for each place before going there, because some places can close their kitchen earlier, only serving drinks at some point. Are Restaurants Open On Sunday In Spain Something that Sunday stands out for in Barcelona is definitely the Sunday brunch. There are plenty of places to go for the best brunch meals you ever try. Because we all know that Sunday is the day to have that perfect cheat meal, or when some of us really need that hangover cure after going out the night before….

Why are things closed on Sundays in Spain?

Take a stroll through any small or medium-sized Spanish town on a Sunday, and you’ll notice that the majority of its high-street shops and businesses are shuttered up. Even in bigger cities, many still close on Sunday. Often people assume that the Sunday closures are a reflection of Spain’s laidback lifestyle, and that Spaniards still see Sundays as a day of rest.

While it is true that most Spaniards do still use Sundays to relax, eat, and spend time with family, it’s not entirely that simple. Others assume it’s a legacy of Spain’s Catholic culture, and that everyone’s at mass, but that’s become less and less true in recent decades, and the reality is that Spain’s Sunday trading laws are often the reason behind the closures, depending on where you are.

READ MORE:  Spanish habits that foreigners just don’t get  Manual widget for ML (class=”ml-manual-widget-container”) Sunday Trading Sunday trading laws are not unique to Spain. Many countries around the world place limits on which, how, for how long, and how often shops and businesses can open on Sundays.

  1. But many countries across Europe, like Portugal, Italy, and the U;
  2. K, have more liberal trading hours legislation;
  3. In fact, the European Commission ranked Spain as the country with the second highest number of restrictions on commercial trade in the EU;

A map of which countries where large supermarkets are generally open on non-holiday Sundays. Green: Large supermarkets and shopping centers are generally open on Sundays. Blue: Large supermarkets are allowed to be open for 6 hours or less on Sundays. Red: Large supermarkets are generally closed on Sundays.

Map: Imre Kristoffer Eilertsen/Wikipedia (CC BY 4. 0) Spain’s law First things first, as with many policies in Spain, Sunday trading legislation is delegated to the autonomous communities. Article 1 of Law 1/2004, which outlines rules on business hours more broadly, gives businesses the liberty to determine the days and times of their commercial activity, however it must work within the framework of the law and the rules of the autonomous community.

That is to say, each regional government has the final say on its Sunday opening hours, and in many parts of Spain Sunday opening is allowed once a month – normally at the beginning of the month – and on Sundays during special shopping seasons like Christmas and Easter, but also during sales periods. According to the law, the businesses free to open as and when they please are: 

  •  Hospitality establishments and bakeries
  •  Petrol stations
  •  Florists
  • Shops at transport stations
  • Smaller convenience stores, provided that they meet the criteria set out in the law

In a strange quirk on Spanish legislation, commercial establishments smaller than 300 square metres have total freedom of trading schedules across Spain, regardless of what is says on their regional statute book. Tourist areas Tourist areas are often given exceptions to deal with demand. Shops in towns and areas declared as tourist-based are allowed to open every Sunday. That grouping, as of a few years ago, includes:

  • Downtown Madrid
  • Valencia municipality 
  • Zaragoza 
  • Downtown Palma de Mallorca 
  • Most of the Catalan coastal with the exception of Barcelona
  • Most of the Murcia’s coastal area
  • The Andalusian and Valencian coastal areas
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Equally, any area with a World Heritage Site or property of cultural or national interest is allowed to open, as are shops close to ports on tourist cruise routes, and areas whose main attraction is shopping tourism. Are Restaurants Open On Sunday In Spain A woman walks past a closed shop in Madrid. Photo: GABRIEL BOUYS / AFP) READ MORE: Are Spaniards really that bad at queueing?  Community rules Businesses that are not included in the exempted sectors outlined in national law, as above, must abide by the trading calendar outlined every year by their regional government.

  • This means that many businesses aren’t able to open on Sundays, even if they wanted to;
  • Certain sectors, however, like hospitality, can open without restrictions, as can pharmacies;
  • This means there’s quite a bit of variation in Sunday trading laws around Spain;

In Madrid, for example, all businesses have been able to open, if they wish, for 24 hours a day, 365 days a week, since 2021. Compare that with the stricter restrictions in Basque Country, for example, where no big business can open on Sundays, nor holidays, and are often closed on Saturday afternoons too.

Generally speaking, the number of Sundays autonomous communities can play with is sixteen spread throughout the calendar years. However, based on each region’s unique economic circumstances, the number of authorised Sunday openings can be tinkered with, whether by increasing or decreasing it.

You can usually find your region’s Sunday opening scheduled for the whole year online. The economic impact The COVID-19 pandemic shutdown sparked debate about the economic consequences of Spain’s Sunday trading laws. Business groups called on the government to relax some of the restrictions when faced with financial annihilation, and requested freedom to open when they please, as was allowed in the aftermath of the 2008 financial crisis.

  • With many businesses having closed their doors for the last time during the pandemic, allowing more economic freedom to trade on Sundays is seen as a way of recouping the significant losses many endured during the lockdown;

It would also perhaps be a way to boost employment, although many smaller businesses claim they can’t open on Sundays because they can’t afford to hire new staff or pay their existing workers more money. Smaller businesses and self-employed unions are often at loggerheads over Sunday trading laws with bigger companies and corporations, represented by The National Association of Large Distribution Companies (Anged), with regards to competition and the pros and cons of more liberal trading hours.

What is open on Sunday Barcelona?

Are Barcelona shops open on Sunday?

From  May 15th  to  September 15th 2022 , shops in central Barcelona will be allowed to open every day including  Sundays  from 12 noon to 8pm. For the rest of the year most Barcelona high street shops, shopping centres and malls are closed on Sundays in Barcelona. The only shops open on Sundays in Barcelona are souvenir shops in the Barcelona city centre, and restaurants, cafes, bars and cinemas.

There are a number of special Sunday and other days a year when shops are open which are normally in connection with specials sales or Christmas shopping in Barcelona. The only shopping mall that is always open on Sundays in Barcelona is the  Maremagnum  mall.

It has a special license to open on Sundays due to its location in the harbour. You can find a few fashion brands at Maremagnum and some decent restaurants on the top floor, where you can enjoy meals with harbour views. La Roca Outlet village near Barcelona is also open on Sundays.

La Roca Village is located 30 minutes by car from Barcelona and they have a shuttle bus service from the city centre. If you live in Barcelona and you have a car and you are desperate to shop for fashion items on a Sunday, then head for the town of Castelldefels, which is about 20 km south of Barcelona, where you can find supermarkets open on Sundays and a shopping mall called Anecblau Shopping guide Barcelona Barcelona outlet malls © Copyright Barcelonayellow.

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Are Barcelona restaurants open on Sunday?

Which restaurants open in Barcelona on Sundays and Mondays? – Sundays and Mondays are traditional closing days in Spain for restaurants, and Barcelona is no exception. It is notoriously hard to find nice places to eat on these days. If you don’t plan it properly, you can end up in terrifyingly bad tourist dives, very disappointed.

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In a city as famous for gastronomy as Barcelona, there is no excuse to eat badly! As our clients are always asking us to recommend excellent restaurants on these days, we have put together a little list of places we enjoy and who are open on Sunday lunch and Monday lunch and/or Monday dinner, so you will never be without some foodie recs under your belt on your next trip to Barcelona! Always book in advance to avoid waiting in line or being turned away.

If you are interested in visiting Barcelona,  why not have a look at some of the Luxury Food and Wine Tours of Spain we offer.

Which days are weekend in Spain?

Is La Rambla open on Sunday?

It’s open 24 hrs a day every day. However, since it’s a touristy area, some of the shops there are open on Sunday.

Is Malaga closed on Sundays?

Level Contributor 6 posts 5 reviews 4 helpful votes What is open on Sundays in Malaga 5 years ago We will be in Malaga on a Sunday. What museums/tourist sites are open on Sundays. What markets or tourist stores would also be open? Thank you Report inappropriate content Level Contributor 110 posts 73 reviews 26 helpful votes 1. Re: What is open on Sundays in Malaga 5 years ago We went to the Alcazaba on a Sunday afternoon and stopped at the supermarket on the way home and everything seemed open as normal with maybe one or two shops shut. I think the town may get going later on a Sunday and maybe some places will close earlier but no change to restaurants/bars etc. Report inappropriate content Level Contributor 305 posts 2. Re: What is open on Sundays in Malaga 5 years ago How about Chritmas day (Dec 25th)? Will there be shops open? And how about restaurants? Are reservations needed? Report inappropriate content Level Contributor 110 posts 73 reviews 26 helpful votes 3. Re: What is open on Sundays in Malaga 5 years ago Xmas eve is the big celebration in Spain (night not meant for sleeping). I hope someone local will be able to give you more detailed info but I’d say that like everywhere else at that time of year, booking is probably a good idea. Report inappropriate content Level Contributor 83,163 posts 3,805 reviews 3,541 helpful votes 4. Re: What is open on Sundays in Malaga 5 years ago All museums and restaurants are open on Sunday. For shopping go to Muelle Uno , where the shops are open on Sunday. Report inappropriate content Level Contributor 13,363 posts 49 reviews 64 helpful votes 5. Re: What is open on Sundays in Malaga 5 years ago My experience of christmas eve is that you need to eat well and drink well on the lunch time as by evening everything is closing down, especially restaurant wise. Christmas day is a normal day and especially the beach bars lunch time are hugely popular for the Spanish to be out eating and drinking. Report inappropriate content Level Contributor 305 posts 6. Re: What is open on Sundays in Malaga 5 years ago Thanks for the info. So restaurants will be open on christmas day, but (very) busy. How about food shops like supermarkets? Will they be open as well on chritmas day? Report inappropriate content 7. Re: What is open on Sundays in Malaga 4 years ago Get answers to your questions about Malaga Recent Conversations

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Do people go out on Sundays in Barcelona?

Final word – The best nightclubs in Barcelona are open on Sunday. If you’ve been looking for the perfect place to party this weekend, look no further than one of these great venues that are sure to satisfy your craving for fun and revelry. Whether you want a high-end club with world-class DJs or an underground spot where you can dance all night long, there is something for everyone among our list of top picks.

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Is everything closed on Sunday Barcelona?

Page Content – Q: Please can you tell me if the shops are open in Passeig de Gràcia in Barcelona on Sundays? A: The majority of shops in Barcelona are closed on Sundays, this includes the shops on Passeig de Gràcia. You will find the odd corner shop open selling general grocery items however most of the other shops are closed.

Maremagnum shopping centre has brand name shops open every Sunday.

The Maremagnum centre is a popular shopping arcade (shopping mall) that is situated by the seafront at Port Vell. Maremagnum also has restaurants and cafes where you can enjoy a bite to eat and enjoy the sea views.

A restaurant with a sea view in the Maremagnum centre.

This is a relaxing and interesting way to pass a Sunday but also enables you to have ready access to brand names shops if you want to do your shopping.

The shops open on Sundays at the Maremagnum centre.

We have put together a detailed information page on the Maremagnum centre which will give you an overview to the shopping centre and the shops and restaurants available in the centre.

Picturesque view of Port Vell marina near the Maremagnum centre.

Read our review of the Maremagnum shopping centre in Port Vell. We have also created a guide to Port Vell and the Columbus monument, which is close to the Maremagnum centre. A brief guide to Port Vell and the Christopher Columbus monument. For more information on shopping in Barcelona see the following articles on our website: Barcelona shopping overview The Girls Guide to Shopping in Barcelona What not to wear in Barcelona – how to blend in with the locals Guide to Menswear shopping in Barcelona Barcelona Market Guide Designer Boutiques guide Tax free shopping in Barcelona – (Non-European visitors) Custo Barcelona – designer Spanish Fashion Antiques shopping in Barcelona Barcelona Chair The cost of living in Barcelona Currency Convertor.

Is everything closed on Sunday in Valencia?

TIME ZONE – People generally eat later than in other European countries: breakfast (7. 30 am and 10. 00 am) is similar to the continental style. Restaurants serve lunch between 1. 00 pm and 3. 00 pm, and dinner from 8. 30 pm until 10. 30 pm. Now you can go shopping in Valencia any day of the year. The areas where shops are open every day of the week are: 

  • Jardín del Turia: from Nou d’Octubre bridge to Astilleros bridge.
  • Valencia city centre: Ciutat Vella and Ensanche areas.
  • Els Orriols: around Ciudad de Valencia stadium.

What time is siesta in Barcelona?

Siesta is traditionally an afternoon nap and more typical in the southern parts of Spain. In Barcelona, many small businesses do close after lunch and before dinner ( approx 5-8 pm ).

Can you buy alcohol in Spain on Sunday?

Most shops and supermarkets in Barcelona don’t open on Sunday, which is good news for people who work in shops, but not so great for tourists, especially for visitors who arrive in Barcelona on a Sunday or simply weren’t organised enough to get the beers in on Saturday.

  1. Fortunately, there are exceptions, and whether you’re renting an apartment and want to buy a few beers to put in the fridge or fancy a nice bottle of wine to accompany a picnic, this post will help you find somewhere to purchase alcohol in Barcelona on Sunday;

On Sunday, you can buy alcohol in Barcelona at Condis Express and SuperCOR Expres supermarkets and innumerable smaller convenience stores. Several food delivery apps will deliver beer and wine on Sunday and in popular tourist areas, you’ll encounter street vendors selling cans of beer. Are Restaurants Open On Sunday In Spain Estrella Damm is the most popular beer in Barcelona.

Are things closed on Sundays in Madrid?

Sundays in Madrid FAQs – Are shops and restaurants closed in Madrid on Sundays? The overwhelming majority of bars and restaurants open on Sundays in Madrid. Weekends are peak days, so many eateries opt to take one of the less-busy weekdays off instead.

As far as grocery stores and other shops go, it depends. Generally speaking, the closer you are to the center, the more likely you’ll be to find places open on Sundays. Most supermarkets and many shops in central neighborhoods do open on Sundays, as well as all locations of the El Corte Inglés department store.

What market is held every Sunday in Madrid? The most famous Sunday market in Madrid is El Rastro, a massive open-air shopping extravaganza that takes place in the La Latina neighborhood. However, there are plenty of other Sunday markets in Madrid , so you’re sure to find one nearby no matter where in the city you are.