Are Spain Going On Amber Plus?

Are Spain Going On Amber Plus
The UK government will place Spain on the Amber plus list next week – According to our Whitehall source, this morning, British holidaymakers and British operated businesses on Spain’s Costa del Sol & Costa Blanca will be thrown into chaos next week as the UK government places Spain on the Amber plus list.

  1. Like France, the regulations will change, and even if you have had double vaccinations, quarantine on return from Spain will be mandatory;
  2. Speaking to Global247news this morning in Cowbridge, the Whitehall minister revealed that it would be definite that Spain will go Amber plus next week; he confirmed: “As I have told you previously, the government has been seriously studying the data coming out of Spain;

” The data is not good, and whilst the government has considered allowing Spain to remain on Amber whilst looking for improvement, there hasn’t been any, and now the time is to act to safeguard the UK and its own economy. “Unless there is a major decrease in Spanish infection rates, that is highly unlikely; Spain will be Amber plus next week.

“The PM has to defend the UK and its population as a whole from this nasty virus, we understand it will affect around 6 million people who have booked Spanish holidays, although that is a small percentage in the grand scale of things when you consider the total population.

” he finished. Travel agents are now preparing for a mass of cancellations for holidays booked to Spain. Neil Mitchell, a Bristol-based travel agent, say’s ” It’s going to be a busy week next week, and the bosses above have told us to prepare for a mass of cancellations for bookings to Spain.

“In excess of 6 million people in the UK have booked Spanish holidays – the majority will cancel as they can’t quarantine on return. ” Meanwhile, the Spanish Costa’s British run business operations are especially devastated by the news after suffering a torrid, nearly two-year trading period.

Traders who rely on the British tourist now face a total wipeout of tourist visits, and many will face going to the wall, as Darren Charles in Estepona explained: Darren said, ” This will be the final straw; so many of us have hung on by our teeth and survived thus far.

“We were starting to see a road to recovery, by going Amber plus we are going to come right off the track and basically smash headfirst into the wall. “No business reliant on British tourism can survive nearly two years of little trade.

“Boris is throwing us under the bus”, he finished.

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Why has France been added to the amber PLUS list?

Independent of the travel review, countries can be moved up or down tiers at a moment’s notice if cases begin to spike. Now the Government has introduced an ‘amber plus’ list – confusing travellers yet further. And France was the first country to be added to this list, due to the rising Beta variant cases in the country.

What is the “amber plus” category for travel?

The ‘amber plus’ category was created for France earlier this month due to the same variant. People returning to the UK from ‘amber plus’ countries must quarantine for 10 days, even if they are fully vaccinated. France is expected to move back to amber at the upcoming review, but Spain replacing it would be a big blow to the travel industry.