Can I Buy A Car In Spain As A Non Resident?

Can I Buy A Car In Spain As A Non Resident
Can I Buy A Car In Spain As A Non Resident After spending a lot of time in Spain, many people think about buying a car. Spanish law allows foreign nationals, both residents and non-residents, to purchase a car in the country. According to the General Directorate of Traffic, about 861,000 cars were sold in Spain between January and December 2021. The market is full of dealers offering various new and used cars.

What documents do I need to buy a car in Spain?

Are cars cheaper to buy in Spain?

Buying a CAR in Spain

New cars are more expensive in Spain than in some other EU countries (although cheaper than in the UK) and up to double the cost of cars in the US. This also results in higher used car prices. However, although cars may be more expensive to buy, they depreciate more slowly than in most other European countries, so the extra you pay when buying a car is usually gained when you sell it.

  1. Spanish-made cars are generally cheaper than imported cars, due to import taxes and duty;
  2. If you do high mileage, it may be worth considering buying a diesel car, as diesel fuel costs marginally less than petrol in Spain (it’s also cheaper in most other EU countries);

Cars may be bought in Spain by residents or by non-residents owning a property in Spain, renting a property for a minimum of a year or registered as an inhabitant of their municipality ( empadronado ).

Can you buy a car in another European country?

Last checked: 28/06/2022 As an EU citizen, you are free to buy or sell a car anywhere in the EU.