How To Phone Uk From Spain On A Mobile?

How To Phone Uk From Spain On A Mobile
To call United Kingdom from Spain, dial: 00 – 44 – Area Code – Land Phone Number 00 – 44 – 10 Digit Mobile Number

  1. 00 – Exit code for Spain, and is needed for making any international call from Spain.
  2. 44 – ISD Code or Country Code of United Kingdom.
  3. Area code – There are 611 area codes in United Kingdom.

How do I enter +44 on mobile?

How do you phone a UK mobile from abroad?

Mobile Phone Numbers – Mobile phone numbers are 11 figures long and always begin with 07. To call a UK mobile phone number from the UK, dial the full number. To call a UK mobile phone number from overseas:

  • Dial the international access code for the country you are calling from – typically 00, 011, or ‘+’ (mobiles)
  • Dial the country code for the UK – 44
  • Dial the UK mobile phone number, omitting the first 0

For example to call a hypothetical person in the UK with a mobile phone number 0712 345 6789;

  • From a UK landline – dial 0712 345 6789
  • From a UK mobile – dial 0712 345 6789
  • From overseas landlines (most countries) – dial 00 44 712 345 6789
  • From overseas landlines (US, Canada) – dial 011 44 712 345 6789
  • From overseas mobiles – dial + 44 712 345 6789

Is +44 the same as 0044?

44 is the country code for United Kingdom. London is the capital city of United Kingdom.

How do you enter a mobile number with area code?

North American phone numbers – To format phone numbers in the US, Canada, and other NANP (North American Numbering Plan) countries, enclose the area code in parentheses followed by a nonbreaking space, and then hyphenate the three-digit exchange code with the four-digit number.

How do you enter a mobile number with a country code?

India – Telephone numbers in India are 10 digits long (excluding an initial zero which is required at times) and fall in at least four distinct categories:

  1. Landlines : Written as AAA-BBBBBBB , where AAA is the Subscriber Trunk Dialing code (long distance code) and BBBBBBB is the phone number. The total length of the Subscriber Trunk Dialing code and the phone number is 10 digits. The Subscriber Trunk Dialing code can be from 2 digits (11 or 011) up to 4 digits long.
  2. Mobiles : Written as AAAAA-BBBBB for ease of remembering (though the prefix is either 2-digits or 4-digits in the numbering plan ). Mobile numbers which are not local need to be prefixed by a 0 while dialing, or by +91 (91 is the country code for India). A mobile number written as +91-AAAAA BBBBB is valid throughout India, and in other countries where the + is recognized as a prefix to the country code.
  3. Toll Free : These are usually ten digit numbers beginning with 1-800. Sometimes they are accessible (or are toll-free) only when called from the government-owned telephone corporation, BSNL/MTNL.
  4. Service numbers : These are usually three or four digit numbers (e. Police is 100 ) used to access an emergency service (Fire, Ambulance, Police, Roadside assistance) or a value-added service.

Can I use my UK phone in Spain?

Pay As You Go Roaming charges – Calls and texts to the UK and between Go Roam in Europe destinations are included in your allowance for all our plans. Spain is a Go Roam in Europe destination which means you can use your data here at no extra cost. If you have an Add-on with a data allowance of 12GB or greater, a fair use limit applies, with use over 12GB subject to a surcharge (see below).

Service With allowance remaining With an active Add-On Outside your allowance
Calling a UK number Comes out of your allowance 3p per minute Comes out of your allowance 10p per minute
Calling a Spanish or any EU number Comes out of your allowance † 3p per minute † Comes out of your allowance † 10p per minute †
Texts to UK Comes out of your allowance 2p per text Comes out of your allowance 10p per text
Texting a Spanish or any EU number Comes out of your allowance 2p per text Comes out of your allowance 10p per text
Receiving calls from any number Free Free Free Free
Receiving texts from any number Free Free Free Free
Using internet and data Comes out of your allowance 1p per MB (up to £45 Data roaming limit) Comes out of your allowance 5p per MB (up to £45 Data roaming limit)
Using voicemail Comes out of your allowance 3p per minute Comes out of your allowance 10p per minute
Unlocking your UK allowance in Go Roam in Europe destination £ 2 for 24 hours**

*The charge will be applied as soon as you use your plan’s allowance in a Go Roam in Europe destination. This includes making an outbound call to a standard UK mobile or landline number, sending a text to a UK mobile, making calls and sending texts between Go Roam in Europe destinations and accessing data services. Republic of Ireland and Isle of Man are excluded from the daily charge.

  1. Our fair use policies apply in Go Roam destinations;
  2. **Only applies if your current Pay Monthly plan started on or after 1 October 2021;
  3. † Calls to international special numbers aren ‘ t covered by your monthly allowance of voice minutes and are charged at £ 2;

75 per minute. These include calls to international premium rate and some international personal numbers. We ‘ ll do our best to send you a text message when you connect to any of these numbers. View full list of the numbers. Don’t forget: to call or text a UK number, you’ll need to replace the first 0 with +44.

For more information about roaming charges please check our Price Guide , or find out more about Go Roam. For our Essential Plan customers roaming outside of Go Roam in Europe destinations view our roaming charges for customers on Essential Plans.

Don’t forget: to call or text a UK number, you’ll need to replace the first 0 with +44. For more information about roaming charges please check our Price Guide , or find out more about Go Roam. For our Essential Plan customers roaming outside of Go Roam in Europe destinations view our roaming charges for customers on Essential Plans.

What is UK country code for mobile phones?

How To Phone Uk From Spain On A Mobile Kevin V. Nguyen June 11, 2019 This guide gives you all the information you need to call the UK from the US: area codes, country code, examples, and more. Follow the guide below to learn how to call to the UK from the US. Consider a few things before you call the UK from the US.

  • Are you calling a UK cell phone or landline?
  • The area code of the place you’re calling in the UK
  • The cost of the call

Follow these steps to call the UK from the US:

  1. Dial the exit code 011. This will let your carrier know you’re making an international call.
  2. Dial 44, the UK country code. This tells your carrier you’re going to call the UK.
  3. If you’re calling a UK cell phone, dial 7 after the area code.
  4. Enter the area code. The area codes in the UK span from 2 to 5 digits. If you come across any area code that begins with 0, you can omit the 0 while entering the phone number.
  5. Dial the phone number. The phone number should have 10 digits, inclusive of the area code. If it is a mobile number, it will have 9 digits (without the mobile code).

How To Phone Uk From Spain On A Mobile Here’s a table with the area codes of popular cities in the UK.

Location Area Code Location Area Code
Aberdeen 1224 Cambridge 1223
Belfast 28 Cardiff 29
Birmingham 121 Colchester 1206
Blackburn 1254 Coventry 24
Blackpool 1253 Derby 1332
Bolton 1204 Dundee 1382
Bournemouth 1202 Edinburgh 131
Brighton 1273 Glasgow 141
Bristol 117 Gloucester 1452
  • Use words like “thank you,” “please” and “sorry” often, since this type of language is considered polite.
  • Avoid an emotional approach to negotiations, and instead, focus on the facts.
  • Before the call, provide an agenda with what you plan to discuss. Aim for the meeting to be as concise and efficient as possible.
  • Be an active listener. Do not interrupt someone who is speaking. Ask for clarification if you need it after the person is done speaking.
  • Be punctual for your business call, as structure and preparation are important to professionals in the UK.
  • Never lose your temper or become overly animated. It’s customary to begin a business meeting with informal conversation about a general topic. Once business discussions begin, avoid unnecessary small talk. Do not share too many personal details.

Frequent calls to the UK from your personal cell phone or a regular office landline can become expensive. If you call the UK regularly, it makes sense to look into other options that make it possible to make frequent calls without running up a big bill. One cost-effective option you may want to explore is a cloud-based phone system. The right enterprise cloud communications solution can help businesses reduce costs, drive significant productivity improvements and achieve strategic business goals.

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Calling UK from the United States is even simpler—and much less expensive—when you use 8×8.

  • One platform: One solution for voice, video, meetings, content sharing and messaging on one system of engagement enables your team to collaborate from anywhere, on any device.
  • Quality at scale: Guaranteed availability and call quality around the globe.
  • Secure: The highest security standards in the industry with externally validated support for security regulations and standards including HIPAA, PCI-DSS, Privacy Shield and FISMA.

8×8 helps businesses of all sizes solve critical communication challenges. Some of the benefits of using 8×8 are:

  • Increase customer satisfaction and loyalty
  • Collaborate and communicate more effectively and securely
  • Free up IT resources with maintenance-free communications and rapid deployment
  • Unify communications throughout the entire organization
  • Integrate mobile devices such as smartphones, tablets and laptops into your communications strategy
  • View real-time and historical data about crucial business functions for faster, better decisions
  • Keep costs low and productivity high, with one easy-to-use economical system

Take a look at our international calling rates Your cloud provider and available features set directly affects your relationships with your clients, which directly affect your business’ bottom line. Choose a superior cloud system and ensure that this effect is for the better. Call 1-877-312-2853 or fill out the form below to request a no-obligation quote from an 8×8 Product Specialist How to call Mexico from the US How to call Switzerland from the US How to call Italy from the US How to call Australia from the US.

How to call a Spain mobile phone?

How to call a Spain mobile phone: 00- United Kingdom exit code to dial first when calling international 34- Spain country code must be dialed next 6- Spain mobile code must be dialed next 00 + 34 + 6 + Local Number- Overall dialing format World Times:.

How do I connect to a UK number from Spain?

Download Article Download Article Whether you live in Spain or are traveling to the picturesque Iberian nation, you may need to make an international phone call while you’re there. Calling across the sea to the UK is relatively straightforward as long as you know the proper international and area codes. Take into account the cost of international calling plans to choose the best calling option for your situation.

  1. 1 Dial 00 to route the call internationally. This exit code works for Spain and most of Europe. No matter where you are, the exit code routes your call outside of the country you are in. If you forget to type the exit code, you might end up calling someone in Spain!
    • A basic UK number looks like 00+XX+XX+XXXX-XXXX. The first digits, 00, are the exit code and have to be dialed whenever you wish to connect to a number outside of Spain.
  2. 2 Input 44 to route the call to the UK. Every country has its own code, so dialing 44 always connects you to a UK number. The UK’s country code covers England, Scotland, Wales, and Northern Ireland. Remember that the country code comes after the exit code.
    • Your calling number will look something like 00+44+XX+XXXX-XXXX.


  3. 3 Include the area code for a UK city if you’re calling a landline. Besides using the international codes, reaching a UK number is like dialing a friend or local business. The area code comes next and it routes the call to a specific region in the UK. The area code you need depends on which part of the UK you wish to call.
    • For example, the area code for London is 20, so you type in 00+44+20+XXXX-XXXX.
    • UK area codes are sometimes as long as 4 or 5 digits. For instance, the code for Swansea is 1792.
    • If you see an area code with a 0 in front of it, don’t input the 0. It’s only for domestic calls in the UK. For example, a 0141 area code for Glasgow becomes 141 when you’re abroad.
  4. 4 Use an area code starting with a 7 if you’re calling a mobile number. Calling a mobile phone is the same as calling a landline except for the area code. In the UK, each mobile number gets a 4-digit code starting with 7. The code you need depends on the phone carrier. Use this number instead of a city area code.
    • For example, a mobile number might look something like 00+40+71XX+XXX-XXX.
    • Exclude the 0 if the mobile code starts with it. Like with landlines, the 0 is for domestic calls, so you don’t need to worry about it unless you’re within the UK.
  5. 5 Finish dialing the full phone number to place the call. Complete the call with the person or business’ personal phone number. This is the phone number given to the recipient by their phone service provider. Phone numbers in the UK range from 4 to 8 numbers long depending on the length of the area code.
    • To reach Cardiff, for example, type 00+44+29+XXXX-XXXX. The last 8 digits are the phone number of the person you wish to reach.
    • To reach Aberdeen, type 00+44+1224+XXX-XXXX. The personal phone number is only 7 digits because of the longer area code.
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  1. 1 Buy prepaid calling cards to place cheaper calls to any number. Calling cards typically offer the lowest charge rate for international calls. You get the number of minutes listed on the front of the card. Calling cards work for both landlines and mobile numbers. When you make a call, type the calling card number first before inputting the country exit code.
    • Calling cards are available in many locations, including online and in phone stores in Spain. You may also see them at airports, gas stations, convenience stores, or other areas travelers are likely to visit.
    • Read the terms of service carefully on the back of each card. Make sure the card works from Spain for calls to the UK. Be aware of any hidden fees listed in the fine print.
  2. 2 Activate international calling on a mobile phone to reduce roaming. Speak with your phone service provider to set up an international calling plan. Roaming charges for mobile phones get pretty costly, so let your provider know you’re going to be calling internationally from Spain. Find out the charge rates on your data plan and ask for ways to reduce the cost if you need to make calls.
    • When you get to Spain, your phone likely will pick up the network with the cheapest roaming fees. To check this, navigate to your phone’s settings menu. Select an option like “Carrier” or “Networks” to manually find and switch to other networks.
    • Keep in mind that you have to pay to receive calls while roaming. If you think you might get a lot of calls, find cheaper alternatives to your regular calling plan.
  3. 3 Purchase a Spanish SIM card to reduce mobile calling costs. When you have a SIM card, network providers consider your phone number to be a local Spanish number. You avoid a lot of roaming fees. SIM cards are available in various shops in Spain and the UK. To use the SIM card, you install it in your phone, removing the old SIM card if your phone has one.
    • SIM cards are either prepaid or pay as you go, saving you money if you make multiple calls.
    • SIM cards come in a variety of sizes, from nano to full size. Check your phone before buying a card and opt for a bigger size if you’re unsure.
    • You can buy foreign SIM cards from some electronic and phone stores in the UK. In Spain, they are available at travel shops and banks.
  4. 4 Switch to an international cellular plan if you make lots of calls. Many companies offer cell phones with plans tailor-made for people who travel. By using an international plan, you cut out a lot of the roaming and data charges you would otherwise rack up. Speak with your phone carrier for options or shop around to compare different plans.
    • If you aren’t planning on staying in Spain for very long, try renting a phone or getting a pay-as-you-go international calling plan.
    • If you plan on staying in Spain or traveling elsewhere, look for monthly calling plans. Many plans work with a cell phone you already own.
  5. 5 Call over an online app for free or reduced rates. Calling apps are available on cell phones as well as computers and tablets. They function on Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) technology, which uses an Internet connection to place calls at reduced rates. You need an Internet connection or mobile data to place a call through the app.
    • VoIP apps include Skype, Viber, FaceTime, and Google Hangouts.
    • Some apps let you call landlines, but you need to purchase credits through the app. Check the calling rate to ensure it isn’t more expensive than the alternatives.
    • Some phone companies sell VoIP phones or landline adapters, allowing you to place lots of calls at a reduced rate.
  6. 6 Get a video messaging app to place free video calls over the Internet. Download a messaging app like Whatsapp, Facebook Messenger, or FaceTime on your phone or device. The person you wish to call also needs to have the app, which means you can’t call landlines this way. Once both of you are logged into the app, tap on the other person’s name to start a video call.
    • Video calls are free as long as your device is connected to WiFi. If you’re not on WiFi, it will use your phone data, so be aware of data limits and charges from your service provider.
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  • If you’re calling on a mobile phone, the + symbol is a shortcut for inputting your country’s exit code. You do not need to type Spain’s exit code, 00, after pressing the + sign.
  • Many UK numbers are written with a 0 in front of the area code. Leave the 0 off the number you dial when you’re calling from abroad.
  • Spain is only 1 hour ahead of the UK, so the time zone shift isn’t a big issue to contend with. Still, keep the time difference in mind when placing calls.

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How to dial Spain’s country code?

Things You Should Know –

  • Spain’s country code is 34.
  • Before dialing, you’ll need to enter your country’s exit code (00 for the UK, and 011 for US & Canada).
  • All of mainland Spain falls within the same time zone (GMT+1 in winter, GMT+2 in summer), but the Canary Islands are 1 hour behind.
  1. 1 Dial your county’s exit code. This number allows you to dial outside of the country you are calling from. It is sometimes referred to as the “international access code” or “international direct dial code”. Each country has a different code. If you do an online search for your country’s exit code it should come up right away.
    • Exit code examples: United Kingdom (and many others) = 00, USA and Canada = 011.
  2. 2 Dial 34, Spain’s country code. A country code consists of 1 or 2 digits and allows you to connect your call to that country from another country. Dial Spain’s code (34) after dialing your country’s exit code.
    • So far your number will be your country’s exit code, followed by 34. For example, if you are in Canada, this would be 011-34.


  3. 3 Dial the correct area/city code. This number is 2-3 digits long and will narrow your call geographically in Spain. If you do an online search for “–city name– Spain area code” you should be able to find it easily.
    • Spain area code examples include Valencia = 96, Madrid = 91, Barcelona = 93.
    • Sometimes the area code is already included in the phone number. You will usually find it in brackets. For example: (93) 9999-99999.
  4. 4 Dial the local phone number. This is the direct phone number of the residence, business, or mobile phone that you are contacting in Spain. Spain uses 9 digit local phone numbers. If you don’t know the number, ask for it via social media/email (for a personal contact) or through an online search (for a business or organisation).
  5. 5 Dial the complete international phone number. Press call and wait for a ring to signal a proper connection. If the phone does not ring, try hanging up and redialing the number.
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  1. 1 Check the time in Spain to ensure it is convenient to both parties. All of continental Spain observes the same time zone. However, the Canary Islands are 1 hour behind the mainland. Spain is GMT+01:00 during winter and GMT+02:00 in winter due to daylight savings. Try to make your call at a time that is convenient to both you and the receiver.
    • You can check the current time in Spain by searching online for “what is the time in Spain”.
  2. 2 Use a calling card if you have a landline with free local minutes. Using a calling card is often the cheapest way to call internationally. Calling cards vary greatly in rates and hidden fees. Look for a calling card that offers simple, straightforward pricing.
    • Calling cards can be purchased from convenience stores and grocery stores.
  3. 3 Use video messaging apps to talk for free. If you’re calling someone you know, consider asking them to video chat with you instead. Many social media sites and applications provide free video chat services. Both parties will need to have the same app for the call to connect.
    • Tap on the person’s name in the app to make the call.
    • Popular video messaging apps include Google Hangouts, WhatsApp, Skype and Facebook Messenger.
    • Make sure that both you and the receiver have a good internet connection so the call doesn’t cut out or lag.
  4. 4 Call with a VOIP provider to reduce call charges. Voice Over Internet Protocol (VOIP) apps allow you to make international calls much cheaper than phone companies. This service is offered by companies such as Skype, Viber, and Google Hangouts.
    • When using these services, dial in the full phone number, including all the codes.
    • If you call Spain often, check to see if your VOIP app offers subscriptions. This can help to reduce your per-minute VOIP costs.
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