Is Carrefour Open On Sunday In Spain?

Is Carrefour Open On Sunday In Spain
Carrefour open on Sundays in July and August plus some open on Bank Holiday weekends. There are always plenty of small Spanish stores open on Sundays.

What supermarkets are open in Spain on a Sunday?

Opening hours of shops in Spain – The classic Spanish shops are open from Monday to Friday at least from 9:30 to 13:30 and from 17 to 20. Many open in the morning already at 9 o’clock (bakeries also earlier) and close only at 14 o’clock. While in northern Spain the shops are open in the evening from 16:30 to 19:30, the business hours in southern Spain are usually from 17:30 to 20:30.

Saturdays are often only open in the morning. On Sundays the shops in Spain are traditionally closed. There are more and more exceptions to the above opening hours of shops in Spain: In the tourist regions, many shops are open much longer.

Some shops do not have afternoon rest at all and are open all the time. In many cities, the shops are also open on Sundays. Depending on the city and region, this can be all year round or limited to the summer or the pre-Christmas period. ´ The new shopping centres on the outskirts of the city or the large department stores such as El Corte de Ingles have also abolished the siesta.

Why are supermarkets closed on Sundays?

Why do shops close early on Sundays? – Laws dictate that large retail stores in the UK can only open for a maximum of 6 hours between the hours of 10 am and 6 pm. As a result, most big shops in the UK are open from 11 am to 5 pm, with some choosing to open at 10 am and close at 4 pm.

  1. If you’re looking for a straightforward answer to why shops are closed on Sundays, it’s usually because of religious reasons (Sunday laws);
  2. Many countries don’t want to break from their religious customs;

Sunday laws can also be helpful in protecting workers and employees from burnout. Working 7 days a week with long hours is just not sustainable. Without the Sunday laws, shop employees could be overworked and feel pressured to work long hours into the weekend.

Is Carrefour open on holidays?

Easter 2022 is here and with it come holidays in which many businesses will close their shutters. However, supermarkets, for yet another year, will adapt their hours to the various festive days that arrive during Passion Week to facilitate buy to the consumers and so they are not left without some product last minute In this sense, the hours of supermarkets such as Mercadona, El Corte Inglés, Lidl, Dia or Carrefour, among others, may undergo modifications, hence, it is important to take note of what days they will open and in what time slots.

  1. Mercadona The business de Juan Roig, which is usually closed on holidays and Sundays, will be adapted to the holiday period and will open on Holy Thursday in the morning, from 9:00 a;
  2. to 3:00 p;
  3. in those communities where it is not a holiday;

While on Good Friday and Easter Sunday it will keep its establishments closed. On the other hand, Mercadona will keep its supermarkets closed on Monday 5 in the communities where it is a holiday. Carrefour The regulations maintained by the Carrefour company is to open on holidays, so that on Thursday, Good Friday and Easter Monday its establishments will open without restrictions on their hours (9:00 a.

to 10:00 p. However, the schedule may be modified depending on the location and the supermarket. Lidl On this occasion, consumers will not be able to count on Lidl for Good Friday, Easter Sunday and Easter Monday, since it will keep its doors closed.

In the case of Holy Thursday, in those cities where it is not a holiday, it will open its supermarkets from 9:00 a. to 9:00 p. , while in communities where it is not a working day, it will open from 10:00 a. to 3:00 p. The English Court The quintessential department stores in Spain will open every day at Easter, except Good Friday.

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On the other hand, Easter Monday will only be closed in those autonomous communities that enjoy the holiday. Day The supermarkets Dia have chosen this Passion Week to keep their establishments open and, in addition, they will continue to maintain their usual hours.

In this way, on Palm Sunday it will open in the morning, from 10:00 a. to 2:30 p. , while both on Good Thursday and Good Friday, Dia supermarkets will leave their doors open from 9:00 a. to 9:30 p. However, this schedule could vary depending on the town and the supermarket.

Is Mercadona cheaper than Carrefour?

We have shopped in each market so you don’t have to. – Searching for cheap food? Getting to know proper places to shop is usually hard, so if you want to find the cheapest supermarkets in Barcelona, just look at the list we made. Mercadona ($) Our winner in the Ronda Sant Pere. Mercadona is an originally Spanish market and the right place to shop for almost everything. It is less international than Carrefour but its general offer is satisfying. There are many Mercadonas in the centre and what makes them special are not only the cheapest prices (according to the OCU) and good quality of products, but also their design.

It contains a lot of facilities, starting with tables and ending at microwaves; if you feel like eating your meal directly in the shop, you have an access to these microwaves together with some cutlery.

There are lots of cheap veggies and fruits as well as a big variety of frozen foods. You can get yourself a takeaway salad together with warm croquetas as many times a week as you want. Is Carrefour Open On Sunday In Spain Example of a full meal we bought: a bag of spinach, ready lasagna, some fresh vegetables, colorful pasta (which costed less than one euro), very tasty dumplings with eggplant, a bottle of fresh orange juice and cherries. For a grand total of €11. 55. Possible disadvantages: closed on Sundays. There are few shops in Les Corts and Gracia. Moreover, some Catalans don’t like it for political reasons as it is considered to be too supportive towards Spain. Consum, which is almost like Mercadona ($) Is Carrefour Open On Sunday In Spain There are many Consum supermarkets in Barcelona and its centre, including the one nearby Sant Antoni Market. Consum and Mercadona win the ranking of the cheapest stores in Barcelona and are easy to find in the city centre. Consum has a wide range of products, going from canned food and meat to cosmetics. A big choice of cheap alcohol is a plus. The biggest shopping we have done so far: toilet paper rolls, conditioner, vegetables, natural yogurt, sugar-free jam (extremely hard to open), a box of cherries (slightly more expensive than in Mercadona), two cans of Barcelona’s traditional beer Moritz together with salsa romesco and salsa aioli (for our Spanish recipes ). LIDL ($) Is Carrefour Open On Sunday In Spain This hidden gem is to be found, among others, just underneath Sant Antoni Market. No matter the quality, Lidl is always among the cheapest markets in Spain. You can find it all around the city centre. It has a lot of cheap products for your homemade meals, even if preparing it with only Lidl products may require some creativity sometimes.

  1. Grand total of €23;
  2. 77;
  3. General advantages: prices similar to Mercadona, easy to find in the centre, many different kinds of products and big variety;
  4. Possible disadvantages: crowded in the afternoons, closed on Sundays;

However, there is plenty of just-microwave-it Italian food you could live on for months if you don’t wish to cook much. Example of groceries for lunch and breakfast: chicken breasts (an amount that will woek for the next three days), two zucchinis, canned tomatoes, the cheapest yogurt found, two apples, fresh orange juice, and a small fig. Carrefour Market ($/$$) better quality, not easy to find Is Carrefour Open On Sunday In Spain This one is hiding just behind La Rambla. Carrefour is a good shopping place for products you couldn’t find in Lidl as it definitely has got more interesting stuff on the shelves. For more original products, Carrefour is one of the cheapest supermarkets in Barcelona. Prices are okay but not the cheapest; they have many different kinds of veggies at affordable prices though.

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All of which totaled up to €8. 42. General advantages: cheap and big. Possible disadvantages: Closed on Sundays and public holidays. It is also always crowded in the afternoons. There are many ‘’buy one, get another cheaper” promotions, which is always a good deal to buy your favorite products.

Another example of groceries made there (lunch and dinner this time):  fresh artichokes for dinner, shitake mushrooms and coconut milk, simple spaghetti with cut ham and pesto, two nectarines. For €11. 39. General advantages: a lot of different products (including international ones) and promotions possible if you buy a lot of stuff.

Better quality than Lidl and more choice. Long opening hours. Disadvantages:  very few stores. Not the cheapest. Closed on Sundays. The store in La Rambla is always crowded and it takes ages to pay and leave. Caprabo ($$) is….

Just okay. Is Carrefour Open On Sunday In Spain Caprabo is that “just okay” friend you sometimes come across in the city, it may not be your bestie but it is good to meet up on some occasions. Is not the most expensive, but not the cheapest either. It will have what you want, even though its offer of fresh vegetables is rather limited. A soup vegetable set with a lonely onion, Spanish fideua and a big pack of chicken thigs, a local mozarella-like product called Burgo de Arias and a pack of green beans (which could have been cheaper).

  • All within a price we already forgot, which means it was nothing special to remember;
  • General advantages: not very expensive, it will also have a ready set of vegetables for your salad;
  • Easy to find in the centre;

Possible disadvantages: rather limited choice of products. Closed on Sundays. If you want to go deeper into cheap supermarkets in Barcelona, you can visit the website of the OCU (Organization of Consumers and Users) and learn more. Stay tuned for our upcoming events on our website and Facebook page, we hope to meet you soon at one of our events!.

When did supermarkets start opening on Sundays?

Sunday Trading Act 1994

Royal assent 5 July 1994
Commencement 5 July 1994 (part) 26 August 1994
Other legislation
Relates to Shops Act 1950


Why can shops only open for 6 hours on a Sunday?

The history – Image source, PA Image caption, Margaret Thatcher’s government was defeated over the issue in 1986 Although many shops traditionally put up the closed sign on Sundays, there were no official barriers to them doing so until the 1930s when controls were formalised.

The 1950 Shops Act took this a step further, requiring all retail workers to take specified meal and rest breaks during the working day, a half-day holiday each week and time off in lieu of Sunday employment.

In the next four decades, there were numerous attempts to repeal the law which foundered. The most famous was in 1986 when Conservatives and Labour MPs, backed by the Church of England and the Keep Sunday Special campaign group, joined forces to reject plans by the government of Margaret Thatcher to liberalise the laws.

  • The defeat of the Shops Bill in the House of Commons was Mrs Thatcher’s first as prime minister;
  • However, pressure for a change in the law did not go away, and as consumer habits changed, leisure activities on a Sunday proliferated and some stores openly flouted the trading ban;

In 1994, Parliament approved the Sunday Trading Act, which introduced the six-hour rule for large outlets – regarded as a compromise between those who wanted to keep the status quo and those who wanted to abolish all restrictions. Several established stores opposed the move at the time, which came into force on 26 August, although unions agreed to it on the basis that Sunday working was voluntary.

  • What happens across the UK Image source, PA Image caption, Large stores are currently allowed to open between 10am and 6pm In England and Wales, shops over 280 square metres, or 3,000 sq ft, in size can only open their doors for six consecutive hours between 10am and 6pm;
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Retailers can be fined up to £50,000 if they flout the rules. Most leading supermarkets and department stores open on a Sunday while some allow customers in up to an hour earlier to browse. Certain retailers are exempt from Sunday trading restrictions. Stores with total display and service space of less than 280 square metres can open when they like while some larger retailers, including motorway service stations, airport and railway outlets, farms selling their own produce and pharmacies selling only medicinal products and appliances, are exempt from the six-hour rule.

  1. They are no trading restrictions in Scotland while in Northern Ireland, shops can open for up to five hours between 1pm and 6pm;
  2. Image source, PA Image caption, Online shopping takes place round the clock In the past 21 years, there have been periodic calls for a further liberalisation of the rules;

In the run up to the 2012 Olympic and Paralympic Games, Sunday trading laws were suspended on eight weekends during July, August and September although the government insisted this was a one-off and not a prelude to a permanent change. As recently as April, David Cameron said the Conservatives had “no plans” to change the laws, saying the existing set-up provided a “reasonable balance” between those who wanted more flexibility and those who liked things as they are.

Ahead of Wednesday’s Budget, Chancellor George Osborne has now said the time is right for the issue to be reconsidered via a consultation process, citing the challenge to “bricks and mortar” outlets from the growth of online shopping, as well as growing consumer appetite.

Rather than seeking a one-size-fits-all solution, Mr Osborne says the idea is to give local councils and elected mayors the power to decide whether to extend opening hours in their areas. Image caption, Will stores be allowed to open all hours? Reaction has been mixed.

Stephen Robertson, a former director of the British Retail Consortium, told the BBC that market research suggested people wanted Sunday shopping to be made easier and would embrace the changes. But the Association of Convenience Stores said giving local authorities responsibility for setting Sunday trading hours could lead to “inconsistency and confusion” for businesses and shoppers and make some smaller retailers “unviable”.

The TUC and shopworkers union Usdaw said they would oppose the move, claiming that it would put more pressure on employees. On the political front, both Labour leadership contender Andy Burnham and Green Party leader Natalie Bennett have come out against the idea, arguing that it will favour big business and stop employees spending time with their children.

Small business minister Anna Soubry, who is responsible for selling the idea, rejected suggestions that Sundays should be sacrosanct, recalling that it “was the most miserable day of the week” before changes to shop and pub opening hours in the 1990s.

Image source, PA Image caption, Could neighbouring cities start competing with each other for shoppers The change could conceivably result in different opening hours, let’s say, in Manchester and Liverpool or Reading and Bristol, with different cities vying to attract custom.

What are Sunday trading hours?

What are the UK Sunday trading laws? – Whether or not you need to follow Sunday trading laws depends on the size and type of shop you operate. In England and Wales, shops under 280 square metres are classed as small shops and don’t need to follow Sunday trading laws. If your shop is over 280 square metres , you’ll need to follow these rules:

  • on Sundays you can only open for six consecutive hours between 10am and 6pm
  • you can’t open on Christmas Day or Easter Sunday

If you have a large shop, you must clearly display your Sunday hours inside and outside your shop. Retailers who break Sunday trading laws could be fined up to £50,000.