Law On Swimming Pools In Spain?

Law On Swimming Pools In Spain

In Spain, there are currently no laws in place that state a privately owned pool should be fenced ; however in our view it is imperative that pool owners adopt safty measures as a top priority to help keep little ones and guests safe.

What are the rules and regulations for swimming pools in Spain?

Understand the rules and regulations in relation to swimming pools in southern Spain The regulations regarding community pools generally apply to the control of water sanitation.

Do you need a lifeguard for your swimming pool in Spain?

Is it really necessary to have a lifeguard? – Lifeguard regulations for swimming pools on Spanish residential estates vary according to the municipality and the autonomous community. In Madrid, for example, it’s obligatory to hire a lifeguard in urbanisations with more than 30 homes.

The number of lifeguards needed will also depend on the number of swimming pools in the enclosure and the distance between them. If there aren’t many properties in the community, you can get away with not having a lifeguard, but it’s advisable to have one anyway to keep residents safe – a professional who has experience lifeguarding and is first aid accredited by a competent body.

The lifeguard will have to remain in the pool area for the entire opening time, which makes it especially important to establish a schedule for when the pool can and can’t be used. When the lifeguard is on their break or has come to the end of their shift, the pool should be closed for safety reasons.

Can you smoke in swimming pools in Spain?

Is the community obliged to install a crane lift to access the pool if a disabled owner requests it? – The community will have to adapt the access to both the enclosure of the swimming pool area and the pool itself if requested by one of the local homeowners or occupants who is over 70 years old or has a physical disability.

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How to build your own swimming pool in Spain?

Planning permission – First and foremost you should be aware that it is necessary to have a licence for a swimming pool in Spain , however small. You need planning permission to build one and if you don’t have this it can present problems when you wish to sell or bequeath your property.