Mask On The Beach Spain?

Mask On The Beach Spain
Spain has dropped its rules around wearing face masks when sunbathing and swimming after a backlash. A law was introduced last week that required all tourists and locals to wear a face mask at all times in outdoor public spaces, including at the beach. The law set out was intended to apply to all public spaces, meaning that face masks would be required when sunbathing on the beach or swimming in the sea.

The Spanish health authorities have now clarified the rules. Following talks, a statement explaining that people will be permitted to remove their face masks on the beach when sunbathing or swimming. It said that masks can be removed “when a person remains in a specific place and respects a minimum distance of 1.

5 metres from non-household members”. Masks can also be removed while swimming in the sea, swimming pools, rivers, reservoirs and lakes, as long as social distancing rules can be followed. However, anyone walking along the beach will need to wear a mask. Masks will also need to be worn when inside or outside at bars and restaurants, except “for the moments necessary for eating or drinking”.

Do you have to wear a mask when you go swimming?

Spain has introduced new rules requiring holidaymakers and locals to wear a face mask at all times in outdoor public spaces – including the beach. Published on 30 March, the edict dictates that face coverings must be worn “on public streets, in outdoor spaces and in any closed space that has a public use or is open to the public” by all those over the age of six.

The rules will apply to all public spaces, including when sunbathing on the beach, hiking in the countryside or even swimming in the sea. They also override previous local guidelines, which allowed regional governments to make their own decisions about when masks must be worn.

Prior to 30 March, face coverings were mandatory outdoors only when social distancing of 1. 5m could not be maintained. Now, it is obligatory regardless. Read more: Those with specific health conditions and respiratory problems are exempt from wearing a mask, as are those engaging in individual exercise.

The move comes after Spain saw an increase in new cases of Covid-19, rising to 149 cases per 100,000 from 128 cases the previous week. However, the announcement has angered some in the tourism industry, who fear the restrictions could dissuade visitors from coming to Spain this summer.

One social media user tweeted : “If Spain requires masks on the beach after 17 May, I’ll cancel my holiday to Marbella and go to Cyprus or Florida where tourists’ money is welcome”. It follows the assertion from one of the UK government’s scientific advisors that there is “very little evidence of outdoor transmission” of the virus.

  1. Prof Mark Woolhouse – an epidemiologist who advises Downing Street through the Sage’s sub-group Spi-M – told a committee of MPs that trips to the beach would be one of the safest things to do once lockdown eased;
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“There were no outbreaks linked to crowded beaches,” said Prof Woolhouse. “There’s never been a Covid-19 outbreak linked to a beach ever anywhere in the world to the best of my knowledge. ” He told the science and technology committee: “So I think we do have to understand where the risks are and aren’t so that [the prime minister] can do as much as possible safely.