Most Followed On Instagram Spain?

Most Followed On Instagram Spain
With a total amount of 255 million followers, Cristiano Ronaldo was the most followed influencer on the photo and video social network Instagram worldwide as of January 2021. However, Lionel Messi had more Spanish followers as of January 2021. The first Spanish account that can be found on the list is that of the football club Real Madrid, which ranked fourth on the list with nearly 19 million Spanish followers.

Profile of Spanish users Despite his current popularity, daily use of Instagram is not the highest compared to other social networks in Spain, with users spending over an hour on the platform in a given day.

Anyway, this is considerable, given that the country’s audience size exceeds 20 million users. At a local level, Madrid has the highest number of active Instagram users , followed by Barcelona, in large part because they are two of the country’s most populated cities.

  • Influencers: the new phenomenon Companies, such as a football club, can reach a wide range of fans through the network;
  • But individual accounts are increasingly gaining large followings, and those who run these accounts are deemed “influencers”;

There are several types of social media influencers , including musicians, actors, and athletes. Through both direct and indirect advertising, they are part of a multi-billion U. dollar global Instagram influencer market. Direct advertising includes posts openly endorsing a product, but the market includes product placement, endorsements, and other indirect methods.

Who has the most followers on Instagram in Europe?

Most Followed Instragram Accounts (2014-2022)

Cristiano Ronaldo is the most-followed person on Instagram, with over 475 million followers.

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What are the most followed Instagram accounts in Spain?

The new paradise for influencers – Given the widespread acceptance of the platform, Instagram has become a key part of the country’s media landscape. International stars, particularly singers and footballers, comprise the most-followed Instagram accounts in Spain, and many Spanish accounts are also followed internationally, such as the soccer team Real Madrid.

How popular is Instagram in Spain in 2021?

Instagram is increasing its popularity in Spain. In 2021, this platform reached 24 million accounts in the country, more than three times the amount reported in 2015. The impact and appeal of this photo and video sharing social networking platform impressive as over half of Spanish users stated that they access Instagram multiple times per day.