Most Followed Spanish Accounts On Instagram Spain?

Most Followed Spanish Accounts On Instagram Spain

1 Real Madrid C. @realmadrid Spain Soccer 121. 6M 0. 37% 2 FC Barcelona @fcbarcelona Spain Soccer 90. 5M 0. 90% 3 Sergio Ramos @sergioramos Spain Soccer Sports 50. 4M 2. 30% 4 Marcelo Vieira Jr. @marcelotwelve Spain Fitness Soccer 45. 8M 0. 70% 5 Gareth Bale @garethbale11 Spain Soccer 43. 5M 2. 10% 6 Andres Iniesta @andresiniesta8 Spain Soccer Sports 39. 1M 0. 30% 7 Georgina Rodríguez @georginagio Spain Fashion Lifestyle Modeling 39M 8. 40% Sign up to view the full list 8 NATTI NATASHA @nattinatasha Spain Actors Music Singer Celebrities Film, Music & Books 35. 6M 1. 10% 9 Toni Kroos @toni. kr8s Spain Soccer Sports 33. 3M 1. 40% 10 zidane @zidane Spain Sports Soccer 27. 5M 2. 70% 11 Úrsula Corberó ✨ @ursulolita Spain Modeling Actors 24. 1M 7. 10% 12 Luka Modric @lukamodric10 Spain Soccer Sports 23. 1M 4. 60% 13 LA ROSALÍA @rosalia. vt Spain Music Actors 20. 9M 6. 80% 14 Isco Alarcon Suarez @iscoalarcon Spain Soccer 20. 1M 2. 20% 15 Gerard Piqué @3gerardpique Spain Fashion Soccer 19. 6M 4. 20% 16 Demi Rose @demirose Spain 18. 9M 2. 40% 17 auronplay @auronplay Spain Marketing and Advertising Lifestyle 18. 4M 11. 70% 18 Raphael Varane @raphaelvarane Spain Sports Soccer 17. 6M 3. 70% 19 Iker Casillas @ikercasillas Spain Sports Soccer 17. 2M 0. 30% 20 Vinicius Jr. ⚡️🇧🇷 @vinijr Spain Soccer 15. 7M 11. 40% 21 Cesc Fàbregas @cescf4bregas Spain Fitness Soccer 13. 2M 0. 20% 22 Jordi Alba @jordialbaoficial Spain Soccer Sports 12. 9M 1. 40% 23 Marco Asensio @marcoasensio10 Spain Soccer 12. 8M 3. 40% 24 Maria Pedraza @mariapedraza_ Spain Actors 12. 1M 4. 80% 25 Alba Flores @albafloresoficial Spain Art Actors 12. 1M 2. 70% 26 Marc ter Stegen @mterstegen1 Spain Sports Soccer 11. 9M 5. 50% 27 Cabronazi @cabronazi Spain Automotive 11. 1M 0. 50% Sign up to view the full list 28 @manurios Spain Art Music Singer Dance 11M 14. 70% 29 Keylor Navas Gamboa @keylornavas1 Spain Soccer Training Sports 10. 6M 1. 00% 30 Rafa Nadal @rafaelnadal Spain Sports Tennis 10. 1M 3. 60% 31 Anwar Jibawi @anwar Spain Celebrity Actors Lifestyle Celebrities 9. 9M 2. 40% 32 Lucas Vázquez @lucasvazquez91 Spain Soccer Sports 9. 4M 1. 80% 33 Thibaut Courtois @thibautcourtois Spain Soccer 9. 1M 3. 10% 34 Marko > Comedia Viral @marko Spain Celebrity 7. 7M 1. 20% 35 HUMOR 🔥 @esadolescencia Spain Actors Virtualization 7. 3M 0. 30% 36 FC Barcelona B @fcbarcelonab Spain Food and Drink 7. 3M 0. 10% 37 Sergi Roberto @sergiroberto Spain Sports Soccer 7. 2M 3. 00% 38 David Villa @davidvilla Spain Soccer 7. 2M 0. 70% 39 Daniel Carvajal @dani. carvajal. 2 Spain Soccer Actors 7. 1M 1. 55% 40 lil π @itzan. escamilla Spain Actors 7. 1M 2. 60% 41 Mario Casas @mario_houses Spain Art Actors Lifestyle Training 7M 4. 24% 42 Willyrex @willyrex Spain Fashion Video Blogger 7M 10. 50% 43 Pilar Rubio @pilarrubio Spain Art Actors 6. 8M 1. 30% 44 Miguel Bernardeau @miguel_bernardeau Spain Actors 6. 8M 9. 60% 45 Marc Bartra @marcbartra Spain Soccer Sports 6. 8M 1. 10% 46 Me llaman Naim ❤️ @naimdarrechi Spain Art Actors 6. 7M 4. 70% 47 FC Barcelona La Masia @fcbmasia Spain Fitness Personal Finance Soccer 6. 6M 0. 10% Sign up to view the full list 48 Elizabeth Maria @staryuukiii Spain 6. 6M 5. 20% 49 Nacho Fernandez Iglesias @nachofdez90 Spain Soccer Sports 6. 4M 1. 60% 50 Zara Home @zarahome Spain Design Interior Design Decoration 6. 3M 0. 20% 51 Edwin Rosa Vasquez @nengoflowofficial Spain Automotive Songwriting Celebrities Cars & Motorcycles 6. 2M 1. 40% 52 Samuel Umtiti @samumtiti Spain Sports 6. 2M 1. 90% 53 Pedro Rodriguez Ledesma @_pedro17_ Spain Soccer 6M 1. 80% 54 ♈️ Samuel De Luque ♈️ @vegetta777 Spain Fashion Lifestyle Actors 5. 9M 16. 10% 55 Pablo Alborán @pabloalboran Spain Music 5. 8M 1. 80% 56 Alejandro Sanz @alejandrosanz Spain Actors Journalists 5. 8M 1. 70% 57 TheGrefg @grefg_official Spain Video Gaming 5. 7M 11. 10% 58 Najwa Nimri @najwanimri Spain Art Actors 5. 4M 3. 60% 59 Marc Márquez @marcmarquez93 Spain Motorcycle Racing 5. 3M 5. 40% 60 Xabi Alonso @xabialonso Spain Soccer Sports 5. 1M 2. 70% 61 @jhayco Spain Actors Music 4. 9M 4. 20% 62 Nathy Peluso @nathypeluso Spain Art Music Actors 4. 9M 4. 70% 63 NOVIOS BIPOLARES @noviosbipolares Spain Fashion Actors 4. 7M 0. 30% 64 Frases Y Pensamientos ♾ @tipicosmomentos Spain Actors Modeling 4. 7M 0. 30% 65 Davidbisbal @davidbisbal Spain Actors 4. 6M 0. 59% 66 Daniella Semaan Fàbregas @daniellasemaan Spain Parenting Soccer Moms 4. 6M 0. 62% 67 Red Bull Batalla @redbullbatalla Spain Music Actors 4. 5M 0. 10% Sign up to view the full list 68 Pedri González @pedri Spain 4. 4M 9. 40% 69 Miss Hardener @jill. hardener Spain 4. 3M 5. 10% 70 Tommy TNT Fury @tommyfury Spain 4. 2M 4. 60% 71 Diego Costa @diego. costa Spain Soccer 4. 2M 2. 00% 72 Fede Valverde @fedeevalverde Spain Soccer Actors 4. 1M 4. 20% 73 #Momos_Sad @momos_saad Spain 4. 1M 6. 90% 74 Luzu @luzu Spain Actors Fashion 4M 9. 70% 75 Maximillian White @thatboyyouhate Spain Business and Finance Modeling 4M 1. 90% 76 Elsa Pataky @elsapatakyconfidential Spain Actors 3. 9M 6. 20% 77 Xavi Simons @xavisimons Spain Sports Soccer 3. 7M 7. 30% 78 ᴘᴀᴜʟᴀ ᴇᴄʜᴇᴠᴀʀʀɪᴀ @pau_eche Spain Art Celebrities Hair & Beauty Design 3. 6M 1. 40% 79 شادية ارسلان | Chadia Arsalan @chadia. arsalan Spain 3. 5M 3. 07% 80 Joaquin Sanchez @joaquinarte Spain Marketing and Advertising Soccer Actors Journalists 3. 5M 3. 90% 81 Rafinha Alcantara @rafalcantara Spain 3. 4M 0. 40% 82 Team Messi @teammessi Spain Soccer 3. 4M 4. 70% 83 R I C A R D P U I G @riquipuig Spain Sports Events 3. 4M 16. 30% 84 Clara Galle🌀 @claaragalle Spain Marketing and Advertising 3. 3M 16. 79% 85 No Me Diigas @nomediigas Spain Actors 3. 3M 0. 30% 86 Wismichu @wismichu Spain Actors 3. 3M 5. 10% 87 Aida Domenech @dulceida Spain Fashion 3. 2M 1. 29% Sign up to view the full list 88 ℜ𝔢𝔶 𝔡𝔢 𝔄𝔯𝔪𝔞𝔡𝔞 @ceciarmy Spain 3. 2M – 89 AITANA @aitanax Spain Art Singer Artist 3. 2M 6. 21% 90 Marta Diaz @martaa_diiaz Spain Actors Fashion Modeling 3. 2M 15. 00% 91 Videos Locos @videos. locos Spain Actors Music 3. 2M 1. 30% 92 Ó S C A R C A S A S @oscar_casas_ Spain Fashion Actors 3. 2M 12. 90% 93 Antonio Banderas @antoniobanderasoficial Spain Celebrity Actors 3. 1M 0. 20% 94 César Azpilicueta @cesarazpi Spain Sports Soccer 3. 1M 2. 80% 95 Denis Suárez @denissuarezfernandez Spain Sports Soccer 3. 1M 1. 10% 96 ᴬᴮᴿᴬᴴᴬᴹ ᴹᴬᵀᴱᴼ @abrahammateo Spain Singer 3M 1. 20% 97 Selección Española de Fútbol @sefutbol Spain Soccer 3M 1. 20% 98 Nelson Semedo 🇨🇻🇵🇹 @nelsonsemedo50 Spain Sports Soccer 3M 1. 50% 99 Fernando Alonso @fernandoalo_oficial Spain Racing Cars Photography 3M 2. 70% 100 Elyas M’Barek @elyjahwoop Spain 2. 9M 2. 30%
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Who has the most followers on Instagram in Spain?

Sergio Ramos is the most followed Spaniard (41. 4 million followers).

Is Instagram popular in Spain?

Instagram users in Spain The appeal of Instagram is so powerful that 56 percent of the Spanish population accesses Instagram several times a day.

Who is the most popular celebrity in Spain?

Pablo Picasso – Most Followed Spanish Accounts On Instagram Spain Pablo Picasso makes the number one spot in our list of most famous Spanish people. Who hasn’t heard of Picasso?! This Spanish painter is one of the most influential artists ever and pioneered the avant-garde Cubism movement. Picasso was born in Málaga in 1881 and died in France where he spent most of his life in 1973. He is best known for his paintings but was also a sculptor, poet, playwright, print-maker, and ceramicist.

How do you get Spanish followers on Instagram?

The best website to get Instagram followers from Spain is Instaboost. They’re the leading social media marketing brand to provide Instagram followers from Spain, and they’re endorsed by Yahoo! With their help, you’ll be able to quickly and easily increase your Instagram followers, likes, and comments.

How many influencers are there in Spain?

Number and types of influencers – According to Heepsy, Spain has approximately:

  • 88K Instagram influencers
  • 43K YouTubers
  • 27. 1K TikTok creators

Keep in mind that some of these accounts may be duplicate. That is to say, some of these Instagram influencers may also be YouTubers, and so on. Today, we’re going to dig deeper into Instagram influencers. Of those 88K Instagrammers, 6. 1K are verified accounts. Further, a large majority of Spanish influencers fall into the micro influencer category. ‍ Most Followed Spanish Accounts On Instagram Spain Micro influencers have been in high demand in recent years. Their high engagement rates and authentic audiences make them desirable to influencer marketers. For example, in Spain, we can see that micro influencers lead when it comes to engagement. They’re the only influencer tier to go above the average of 3. 5%. Although surprisingly, mega influencers are just behind. ‍ Most Followed Spanish Accounts On Instagram Spain.

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Who is the No 1 followers on Instagram?

Cristiano Ronaldo (@cristiano) And even moreso if you were Cristiano Ronaldo and you recently became the first human to break 400 million followers on Instagram.

What social media is used most in Spain?

There are more than 5,000 million mobile users in the world and more than 4,300 millions use the Internet. The figure in terms of social media equals 3,500 million users, which is almost half the world population. This means a growth of around 9%. According to the annual study of social media 2019 by IAB Spain, this country has currently more than 25 million social media users, 85.

5% of the population between the ages of 16-65. WhatsApp is the most used media (88%), followed by Facebook (87%), YouTube (68%), Instagram (54%) -the one that has obtained greater growth- and Twitter (50%).

With respect to their popularity, WhatsApp, as in previous years, is still the favorite users, followed by Facebook, Instagram, YouTube and Twitter. This research also reveals important data of the average time these media are used. WhatsApp leads the ranking with 1 hour and 47 minutes of use, followed by YouTube and Twitch.

In all, user spend 55 minutes per day using the social media. Also, most of the activities carried out through mobile devices are chatting and messaging (65%), music and video (57%), and up to 45% devote their time to see what their contacts do.

The mobile phone is the first access device, followed by computers and tablets. Major connections on mobile devices are via WhatsApp, Instagram, Twitter, and Telegram. Computer relationships are led by Facebook, followed by YouTube, and LinkedIn. The most-demanded sectors by users looking for information or searching relevant contents are entertainment, culture and media, travel and tourism, and technology and communication.

Is social media big in Spain?

Smoke signals, messenger pigeons, the telegraph, the telephone, the facsimile and many more. Way before the appearance of the internet, society was already striving to find ways to enhance social interaction. These pre-digital communication systems shaped social networks as we know them in modern times.

With the arrival of the network of networks, social media started to play an essential role in today’s culture and influence our everyday life, insomuch that their global penetration rate stood at 49 percent as of January 2020.

Spain is no exception to this, with social network participation constantly increasing in the past few years, reaching almost 60 percent in 2019. Spain’s tendency goes in the same direction as the rest of the world. Social media can be used for numerous purposes, such as watching videos, listening to music or getting inspiration from well-known influencers, but just like in the old days, users lean more towards communication, which ranked as the most frequent activity on social platforms in Spain as of 2019.

The popularity of social media was such that these platforms are used not only for actual social interaction, but also as a leverage for companies to promote their products. Recent data reveals that 95. 8 percent of Spanish companies have social media presence to boost their business as of the first quarter of 2019.

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However, Spanish corporations are not the only ones making the most of the widespread fame of social media. The world has witnessed the emergence of a new type of public figure: the influencers. Many Spaniards follow these types of popular accounts to get inspiration and ideas for travel, fashion or food, with Facebook being Spain’s platform of choice to follow influencers in 2019.

Facebook, the world’s most popular social network has about 22 million active users in Spain, as of 2019. That year was, however, the first under review in which Facebook saw a decrease in its number of users, whereas the video and photo social platform Instagram gained popularity and doubled its users over the last few years.

In this regard, it can be observed how Instagram app download figures surpassed those of Facebook on Google Play in 2020, the former with 554. 2 thousand downloads and the latter with 250. 5 thousand downloads as of January 2020. Considering how much digital consumer behavior changes during the information age, it is worth noting the shift in social media use with the rise of mobile devices.

The latest studies show that some of these communication technologies, such as WhatsApp or Instagram , are accessed by means of mobile devices much more frequently than through computers in Spain, arguably due to the choice of much more mobile-friendly designs over a conventional computer interface.

We can only wonder today how our civilization’s future social interactions will be handled. All we know for now by looking at the current statistics is that the number of memebers on social networks is only rising and expected to reach over 3 billion users by 2021.

  1. That is 40 percent of the global population – all peoples, cultures and languages interconnected on a very intricate and wide series of social networks;
  2. This text provides general information;
  3. Statista assumes no liability for the information given being complete or correct;

Due to varying update cycles, statistics can display more up-to-date data than referenced in the text.

Is Snapchat popular in Spain?

The most popular social media applications Snapchat was the second most downloaded social app in Spain, with around 646 thousand downloads in May 2019.

How many Instagram influencers are there in Spain?

Find top Instagram influencers in Spain. Identify the most popular Instagram accounts on Heepsy. Want to discover the 48,008 Instagram influencers we’ve identified in Spain in 2021?.

Should you follow Spanish Instagram accounts to learn Spanish?

It’s easy to get into a language bubble on social media. There’s a pretty good chance everyone you follow mostly — if not entirely — posts in English. If you’re interested in learning a new language, you’ll want to smash right out of that bubble. And following Spanish Instagram accounts that appeal to both your learning and your other interests is a great way to incorporate Spanish into your everyday life.

What are the best Instagram accounts to read Spanish comics on?

The account @72kilos is especially good because each comic usually only has one or two short phrases, and the comics themselves are very cute. Add a comment Instagram If you’re already a reader of online publications like Bustle and The Cut, you can add some Spanish media to that list with @freeda_es.

How can I incorporate Spanish into my everyday life?

It’s easy to get into a language bubble on social media. There’s a pretty good chance everyone you follow mostly — if not entirely — posts in English. If you’re interested in learning a new language, you’ll want to smash right out of that bubble. And following Spanish Instagram accounts that appeal to both your learning and your other interests is a great way to incorporate Spanish into your everyday life.