New Pokemon Based On Spain?

New Pokemon Based On Spain
Pokemon Scarlet and Violet will take players to the Pokemon world equivalent of Spain. Earlier today, The Pokemon Company revealed the brand new Pokemon Scarlet and Violet games, which will be released later this year and introduce players to a brand new region of the Pokemon world.

  • The new games are the first in a new generation of Pokemon games, and will be a true “open world” game where the wilderness seamlessly blends into the towns of the new region;
  • Each region of the Pokemon world is based off a different world area or country;

The first four Pokemon games all explored different areas of Japan (the Kanto, Kansai, Kyushu, and Hokkaido regions specifically), while more recent Pokemon games were based off of non-Japanese countries. Pokemon Black and White was based off New York City and its surroundings, Pokemon X and Y were based on France, Pokemon Sun and Moon were based on Hawaii, and Pokemon Sword and Shield were based on the United Kingdom. New Pokemon Based On Spain There are several references to Spanish architecture and landmarks in the trailer, from the style of house that the player character lives in to the oversized lake that’s roughly analogous to the Sanabria Lake in Spain. Other potential landmarks include a version of the Plaza de Espana in Seville (with a mosaic featuring the different Pokemon types replacing the real world mosaics depicting Spain’s various regions), the Sagrada Familia (the four spires of the cathedral seemed to have inspired one of the large castles in the game), and the windmills of Castilla-La Mancha which were featured in the famous Don Quixote novel.

Based on a map shown in the preview trailer, the new region seems to be based off of the Iberian Peninsula – the region where Spain and Portugal are located. 0 comments Clearly, there’s a ton we don’t know about the new Pokemon games, but players can expect to get more information in the coming months.

Based on past marketing schedules, we should monthly previews of Pokemon Scarlet and Violet leading up to the games’ release in late 2022.

Is there a Pokemon region based on Spain?

Pokémon Scarlet & Violet Paldea region – The Paldea region features lots of references to the lovely country of Spain. With a map dotted with rivers, trees, and windmills (Don Quixote anybody?), alongside vibrant towns with people to meet, the inspiration for the game is everywhere.

There’s even a big building that looks like the Sagrada Familia. Nowhere is this inspiration more apparent than in the new forms of old Pokémon alongside brand new critters inspired by olives and Iberian pigs.

We’ve only got a look at one regional form so far, with the Paldean Wooper, which you can learn all about in our Pokémon Scarlet and Violet new Pokémon guide. During your adventure, you make use of a trusty Rotom phone, which has several apps and features to make your life easier.

The Pokédex and map will be apps on there, meaning you’re gonna use it a whole lot to grab information on things like nearby towns, Pokémon centers, and wild Pokémon. Speaking of Pokémon centers, you’re bound to want to rest your Pokémon and get Poké balls to catch more Pokémon.

That’s why the land is dotted with Pokémon Centers all around Paldea, which light up at night with a large Poké ball sign on the roof. New Pokemon Based On Spain.

Are Pokemon Scarlet and Violet based on Spain?

Pokemon Scarlet and Violet’s Catalonian Design – Early on in the trailer, a live-action portion shows a guard entering a cluttered room full of different artifacts, memorabilia, and miscellaneous items. While not all of these feel incredibly significant, there is a corkboard with a map that stands out at the 56-second mark.

  1. The map itself is surrounded by different postings, but it includes an image of the Iberian Peninsula as well as the Islas Baleares;
  2. This is substantial evidence that Pokemon Scarlet and Violet will take place in a region inspired by the peninsula, likely with a special emphasis on the country of Spain itself;

When combined with Spanish terms in the name of the new Fire-type starter Fuecoco and Grass-type starter Sprigatito, the evidence begins to add up. Further support appears later in footage from Pokemon Scarlet and Violet’s announcement. The first scene of game footage depicts a castle-like city in the background with magnificent spires towering over the landscape.

As the reveal for Pokemon Scarlet and Violet continues, closer shots of this structure provide more information. While the building itself is reminiscent of other castles that have appeared in previous Pokemon games it bears a striking resemblance to a real-world landmark: Antoni Gaudi’s La Sagrada Familia located in Barcelona, Spain.

Other views of the city provide more evidence that Pokemon Scarlet and Violet ‘s region will be based on locations from the Iberian Peninsula. The architecture of the city itself is light with mosaics and tile art spread throughout its different sections that invoke imagery of Barcelona.

Is the new Pokemon region Spain or Italy?

Spain – It is highly likely that the Gen 9 region is based on Spain. Looking back at the trailer, there are several small details that one can use to point this out. How built into each other they are lend themselves to this thought. This style of housing is common in Spanish countries. Screenshot taken by us at The Game Haus According to Dualshockers, this building bears a striking resemblance to the Sagrada Familia, a piece of Spanish architecture designed by Gaudi. And when one looks up the Sagrada Familia, this is what they find. Image from ArchDaily Even with the slight resemblances in the top of the pillars, the resemblance is clear. Lastly, if one looks at the screen from the footage of the protagonists’ room, the map of the region supposedly resembles Spain. Therefore, it’s easy to come to the conclusion that the Generation 9 region is based on Spain.

Where is the new Pokemon based off of?

Last time, we learned that the generation 9 games will be the iconic franchise’s first real attempt at an open world RPG (‘Legends Arceus’ doesn’t count), and will also feature a multiplayer co-op mode. But so far, the new Pokémon announced for the Paldea region — based off of the Iberian peninsula — just do not miss.

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Is Gen 9 based on Spain?

On Feb. 27, Nintendo held a ” Pokémon Presents ” live event. These events usually give small updates on current Pokémon games, announce special gifts or activities available in current games and sometimes announce new games. Fans were expecting updates to Pokémon Unite and Pokémon Legends: Arceus , which was just released at the end of January this year.

  1. Instead, any small updates were overshadowed by the surprise announcements of two brand new Pokémon games coming to the Nintendo Switch later this year;
  2. In a dramatic trailer that gave a sneak peek into the new Pokémon region, fans saw many well-loved Pokémon wandering freely around a new landscape;

The trailer showcased two main areas, one seaside cottage with red brick details and luscious greenery. Familiar faces like Pikachu and Swablu frolicked around a massive town square decorated with colorful bricks and banners hanging from a tower with a Pokéball statue on top.

  1. This scenery made it obvious to devoted fans – aware of the fact that every game in the franchise is set in regions based on real places in the world – that this new generation is inspired by the landscape and culture of Spain;

Though Nintendo hasn’t confirmed this or given the new region a name yet, there are plenty of other hints that point to a game inspired by Spanish culture. The first clue is the names of the games themselves. The names Scarlet and Violet differentiate the two versions of the game and remind me of the original generation of Pokémon with versions Red and Blue. The flag of Spain today is red and yellow, but below is the flag of the Second Spanish Republic from the 1930s: Flag of Second Spanish Republic by Ulaidh~commonswiki licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 4. 0 International. Look familiar? Image courtesy of The Official Pokémon Youtube Channel / Youtube This also might give a clue to what types of historical references and technology we might see in the game. There is a possibility that the game is also set during the early to mid–twentieth century, which could provide some unique storylines. Though the games in the series are filled with new technology to help players travel with, store, and manage their Pokémon, often the characters and places you see along the journey hold stories of a different time.

Though Pokémon Scarlet and Violet aren’t the first games in the series to use color names as their differentiators, there might be a historical reason why it is the case this time around. Just like with Pokémon Sword and Shield , which had landscapes and Pokémon based on the history of Great Britain, Scarlet and Violet are already showcasing their ties to Spain even just through their names.

Players can anticipate seeing more Spanish architecture and characters full of personality in the new games. Another heavy hint that the game is inspired by Spain lies in the names of the three cute Pokémon you can choose from as your companion at the beginning of the game. Here are the three friends you can choose from once you start playing Pokémon Scarlet or Violet: Image courtesy of The Official Pokémon Youtube Channel / Youtube Sprigatito, or the grass cat Pokémon, includes a play on the word “gatito”, which means kitten in Spanish. Fuecoco, the center Pokémon, alludes to “fire crocodile”. I’ve played a lot of Pokémon games since I was young, and I’ve always chosen either a water or a grass-type starter Pokémon. I’ve just always been drawn to the designs of water-type Pokémon, and occasionally the grass designs are too cute to resist.

  1. Starter Pokémon have always been a key element of every Pokémon game, and they often go on to become the most iconic Pokémon of their generation;
  2. But Fuecoco is definitely going to change this pattern;
  3. I’m a huge fan of creatures that look a little silly and maybe even confused about what is going on around them (I’m a big Quagsire fan), and I feel like Fuecoco gives off those vibes perfectly;

The little crocodile is exactly what I look for in a companion to start off my adventure. Nintendo still hasn’t released any information about how these three starter Pokémon will evolve as you play the game, but fans are anxiously waiting to see how their choice will pan out.

Pokémon Scarlet and Violet are scheduled to be released “in late 2022” according to the official website. For the last few titles in the series, this has meant a mid-November release, usually the week before Thanksgiving in the United States.

So if you’re starting to plan out which games to play for the rest of 2022, I would definitely put this on the list! Thumbnail image courtesy of The Official Pokémon Youtube Channel / Youtube.

What country is Scarlet and Violet based on?

Setting – Pokemon Scarlet and Violet take place in Paldea, a vast, brand-new region seemingly inspired by Mediterranean Spain. Unlike the self-contained areas in Pokemon Legends: Arceus, Paldea is the first truly open-world setting in the series’ history. You’ll be able to see the Pokemon of this region in the skies, in the seas, in the forests, on the streets — all over!” You’ll explore a vast, open world in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet. Nintendo / The Pokemon Company Whereas previous Pokemon games followed a linear story, Scarlet and Violet will offer a greater degree of freedom in how your own adventure unfolds. According to the official website, “you’re free to explore at your leisure and not in an order dictated by the story.

Is Pokemon scarlet set in Spain?

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(Image credit: Nintendo) Pokemon Scarlet and Violet’s in-game world is called Paldea, confirming a leak from last month. Earlier today on August 3, a brand new Pokemon Presents showcase gave us new details on both Pokemon Scarlet and Violet. One interesting new detail is that the whole in-game world for both new games is called Paldea (as we can tell from the name of the very presentation below), which gives credence to a detail that was leaked last month.

  • At the time, one leaker claimed that the new land both games are set in would be called Paldea, and feature numerous towns and cities themed around Spain;
  • With today’s announcement, The Pokemon Company has confirmed the leaked detail, so what was put out into the world beforehand was genuine;
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We now finally know the name of the land we’ll be venturing around come later this year in November. Additionally, speculation has been going around since earlier this year that the new region Pokemon Scarlet and Violet are set in is based around Spain.

Apparently, Pokemon Scarlet and Violet’s trailer earlier this year made several references to the Spanish language with individual words. With today’s trailer, that inspiration becomes even more obvious.

The words “naranja,” which means “orange” in Spanish,” and “uva,” which means “grape,” could be heard in the brand new trailer. This would seem to confirm the fan theory from before, that the new land of Paldea is indeed inspired by Spain. Check out our full Pokemon Scarlet and Violet PokeDex guide for a full walkthrough of all the new creatures confirmed for both new games so far.

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All SPAIN References in Pokémon Scarlet and Pokémon Violet Trailer

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What place is Gen 9 based off of?

Pokemon Gen 9 Region Revealed – While the Pokemon Company has not officially revealed the Gen 9 region yet, we do know a lot about it and what real-world location it could be based on. From what has been shared in the official Scarlet and Violet trailer, the Pokemon Gen 9 region will be based on the Iberian Peninsula.

A partial map can be seen in the trailer, which depicts a landmass that looks a lot like the Iberian Peninsula. What’s more, some of the architecture and notes seen in the footage also points to a Spanish/Portuguese setting.

One of the biggest buildings featured in the trailer looked a lot like La Sagrada Familia, and with others sporting a Mediterranean vibe, there’s plenty to suggest we’re heading to that area of the world. “Trainers will once again embark on an epic journey of discovery and exploration,” said Tsunekazu Ishihara, president and CEO of The Pokémon Company.

What is scarlet violet region called?

Pokemon Scarlet and Violet finally release trailer 3, which confirms the region name, three new Pokemon, and more details about the games. New Pokemon Based On Spain Information on Pokemon Scarlet and Violet has been hard to come by since the games were first revealed last February, but now The Pokemon Company has finally revealed the games’ third trailer. The third trailer for Pokemon Scarlet and Violet is one of the most revealing yet, confirming the gameplay gimmick, more brand-new Pokemon that players will be able to catch, and the name of the new region. The latest Pokemon Scarlet and Violet trailer actually confirmed many leaks about the games.

  • Various returning Pokemon were shown off in the different biomes that make up the Paldea region, which is the official name given to Pokemon Scarlet and Violet ‘s Spain-inspired region;
  • Players will be able to explore Paldea however they’d like as they attempt to complete the Treasure Hunt independent study project for their school;

The adventure will consist of three stories, including a traditional Pokemon game story about conquering eight different gym leaders and becoming the region’s champion. An ice-type gym leader was shown in the Pokemon Scarlet and Violet trailer by the name of Grusha, who has the brand-new Pokemon Cetitan at her disposal.

Cetitan isn’t the only new Pokemon that can be spotted in the latest Pokemon Scarlet and Violet trailer, though. Fans can also see the Paldean form of Wooper, which is brown and presumably a Ground-type Pokemon, as well as an adorable pastry-based dog called Fidough.

While exploring the Paldea region in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet , players will be able to get around using the legendary Pokemon. As was previously leaked, the legendary Pokemon in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet function as the ridable Pokemon in the game, with players able to ride on the backs of Koraidon and Miraidon.

The Pokemon Scarlet and Violet legendary Pokemon can be ridden like motorcycles, flown through the air in glider-form, run up walls, and even swim, so they should prove to be quite helpful. The new trailer also revealed the Pokemon Scarlet and Violet gameplay gimmick , which is called the Terastal phenomenon.

As previously leaked, this gameplay gimmick can potentially change the type for the Pokemon it’s used on. The gist is that players throw a special Poke Ball at their Pokemon mid-battle that let’s them “terastallize,” buffing their moves and boosting their type.

  • There are times when the types will change, however, with the example given being that while most Eevees will remain as Normal-type Pokemon when using this move, players may be able to find one that becomes Water-type instead;

The presentation wrapped up with reveal that a special Pikachu that knows the move Fly is a pre-order bonus for the games, with its Tera Type being Flying. Some of these special Pokemon will be available to catch in raid battles, which players can tackle in co-op.

Pokemon Scarlet and Violet 4-player co-op was a big focus of the trailer as well, reiterating that players are free to go on this latest Pokemon adventure with friends if they so desire. Pokemon Scarlet and Violet launch November 18, exclusively for the Nintendo Switch.

MORE: The Pokemon Company is Leaving Money on the Table with No Gen 9 Eeveelution.

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Is Pokemon scarlet set in Italy?

Pokemon Scarlet and Violet takes place in a brand new region called Paldea seemingly based on Spain. Learn everything we know about the Paldea Region, including speculation on the possible locations, the region’s name and what country the region is based on! The full map of the Paldea Region was shown in the August 3 Trailer and while it didn’t reveal anything particular each locale, we have speculated the possible cities and locations in the region and what they may contain. Enlarge

Legend Location
1 Possible starting location and hometown.
2 Possible location of Mesagoza , the largest city in the region and home to the Naranja Academy or Uva Academy.
3 Possible location of the Glaseado Gym , home to the Ice-type gym leader Grusha.
4 Possible location of the snowy mountain location featured in the trailers.
5 Possible swamp or marshland location where you can catch Paldean Wooper.
6 Possible racing route location where you can race using Koraidon and Miraidon and may be the setting for the Racing Story in the Three Grand Stories.
7 Large crater with a structure built on the caldera. Possible location of the villainous team’s headquarters.
8 Possible sea route location home to Water-type Pokemon.
9 Possible mountain region home to Rock and Ground-type Pokemon.
10 Possible post-game location that may connect to another region like Kalos.

Pokemon Scarlet and Violet takes place in the Paldea region, a large region filled with eclectic locations – from vast open fields dotted with lakes and towering peaks, to mountain ranges and even wastelands.

Region Name Appearing Games Real-World Basis
Kanto RBY (Gen 1) Tokyo, Japan
Johto GSC (Gen 2) Kyoto, Japan
Hoenn RSE (Gen 3) Kyushu, Japan
Sinnoh DPP (Gen 4) Hokkaido, Japan
Unova BW/B2W2 (Gen 5) New York, United States
Kalos XY (Gen 6) France
Alola SM/USUM (Gen 7) Hawaii
Galar SwSh (Gen 8) United Kingdom
Hisui PLA (Gen 8. 5) Hokkaido, Japan

The Paldea Region appears to be based on Spain. Several locations in the trailer appear to be based on real-life locations in the country. The large hub area featured in the trailer appears based on both Park Güell and Plaza Mayor , two famous locations in Barcelona and Madrid. Famous for its gardens and architectural elements, the hub area also appear to feature the real-life locations prominent mosaic works. Another noteworthy location featured in the trailer looks very similar to the Sagrada Familia , which is another iconic location in real-life Barcelona, Spain. A glimpse of the in-game map as shown in the game appears in the trailer and the region appears based on the Iberian Peninsula due to its generally rectangular shape. The peninsula, often shortened to Iberia, is principally divided between Spain and Portugal. The player house appears to be a Spanish-Style House , feautring quintessential architectural elements such as an asymmetrical shape, a clay-tile roof, and double-hung windows to name a few. The starter Pokemon appear based on animals native to Spain and the surrounding regions. Sprigatito , the Grass-type starter looks similar to the Iberian Lynx. Further evidence is in the name; gatito is Spanish for little cat or kitten. Quaxly appear to be based on the Eurasian Teal, which is a widespread duck species found in the Iberian Peninsula. Pokemon Scarlet and Violet Starter Pokemon The color-themed names of the two games may also be a reference to the Flag of the Second Spanish Republic , which feature the colors Red and Dark Purple very prominently. The new region features a plethora of different biomes and locations. While most of the region has a Mediterranean feel, dynamic locations such as snowy mountaintops and craggy mountain areas also appear. As featured in the June 1 Trailer , it appears that the new region has kiosk-like buildings instead of Pokemon Centers. June 1 Second Trailer: Everything We Learned Pokemon Scarlet and Violet gives players freedom to explore the new region at your own pace and not in an order dictated by the story. Additionally, you can connect with up to four other players to explore the new region! Pokemon Scarlet and Violet is an open-world adventure set in a brand new region filled with new Pokemon as well as familiar ones, and will release in Late 2022. Is Pokemon Scarlet and Violet Open World? Latest News and Game Info

Title Date
Pokemon Presents August 3, 2022
June 1 Trailer June 1, 2022
Announcement Trailer February 27, 2022
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What country is Galar based on?

Galar [ edit ] – The Galar region is the setting of the eighth generation of Pokémon games, which is where the games Pokémon Sword and Shield take place. This region is primarily inspired by Great Britain (mainly England and parts of Scotland ), showcasing landmarks inspired by Big Ben and Hadrian’s Wall.

What are the Pokémon regions based off of?

Many regions are on separate continents with the earlier introduced regions (Kanto, Johto, Hoenn, and Sinnoh) being based on parts of Japan, with later regions being based on parts of the United States (Unova and Alola), France (Kalos) and the United Kingdom (Galar).

What country is Pokemon black and white based on?

Pokémon Black and White were the first Pokémon titles to take their inspiration not from Japan but from the United States. The game’s Unova region is based on New York State, with Cestelia City its stand-in for Lower Manhattan.