Non Essential Travel To Spain?

Non Essential Travel To Spain
The British government has extended its advice against non-essential travel to mainland Spain to include the Canary and Balearic Islands due to the ‘risk’ posed by the coronavirus outbreaks in the country.

Do I need a negative test to travel to Spain?

If you’re transiting through Spain – (This section also covers travelling overland to Spain. ) If you are transiting Spain by air from the UK on the way to your final destination you are not subject to testing requirements nor do you need to complete a Travel Health Control form, provided your transit is under 24 hours and you are not leaving the international zone of the airport.

If you are leaving the airport, documentation requirements set out in ‘All travellers’ apply. See Spain’s Ministry of Health travel pages for more detail. You should check with your travel operator and the authorities at your final destination if a negative test is required on entry.

Spain’s land borders are open. While testing requirements do not apply to overland travellers, you should consult travel advice for any countries you are traveling through at the links below:

  • FCDO travel advice for France ,
  • FCDO travel advice for Portugal
  • FCDO travel advice for Andorra
  • FCDO travel advice for Gibraltar