Non Eu Entry To Spain?

Non Eu Entry To Spain

How to Travel to Spain 21st May 2022 Update I Travel Restrictions I Unvaccinated I Non-EU and EU

If you are arriving by air or sea from a non-EU or Schengen Area country, you may have to undergo a health check at the first point of entry, which will include at least taking your temperature, checking your documents, and a visual assessment of your physical state of health.

How to bring a non-EU couple to Spain?

Application procedure for entering Spain as an unmarried couple of an EU citizen – All these non-EU citizens who intend to enter Spain to join their European partner and start living with her must follow the same legal procedure, divided into 3 different steps.

First, they must contact the Spanish Consulate located where the non-EU couple is currently staying. They must send all the documentation that proves that it is a stable and lasting marital relationship (“assimilable to a common-law relationship”); and that she wishes to enter Spain simply to join her partner or start living with him/her.

In the following section we will see in greater detail what these documents are. Once these documents are sent to the consulate, the latter will send them to the Ministry of the Interior , the institution in charge of evaluating the application and issuing its resolution.

  1. If the resolution is positive, the Consular Office will issue a certificate that will allow the non-EU citizen to enter Spain without any problem;
  2. This certificate must be presented to the airline and the border authorities upon request;

It’s that simple! We remind you that, although the family member of the UE citizen procedure requires that the union is officially registered, it is also possible to formalize the process under exceptional circumstances with the residence by a stable couple (in which case the official registration is not necessary).