Non Lucrative Visa Spain 2021 Uk?

Non Lucrative Visa Spain 2021 Uk

What is a non-lucrative visa, and who is it ideal for? – Spain’s non-lucrative visa allows non-EU citizens to live in Spain if they can prove that they have the financial resources to support themselves and their family. A non-lucrative visa can be applied for by third-country nationals who wish to reside in Spain for longer than 90 days and do not intend to work in Spain.

How do you get a non lucrative visa for Spain in the UK?

Where to apply – You need to apply for the non-lucrative visa before you leave for Spain, and the application must be presented at the nearest Consulate General of Spain in the UK. You can find your assigned consulate district on this website. An application for a non-lucrative visa must be presented by the individual who wants to obtain the visa.