Non Lucrative Visa Spain 2022?

Non Lucrative Visa Spain 2022
How much money do you need for a non lucrative visa Spain? –

  • For the support of the main applicant, monthly, 400 % of the IPREM which in 2022 amounts to €579,02 , being €2. 316,08 or its legal equivalent in foreign currency
  • For the support of each of the family members in charge, monthly, 100% of the IPREM, which in  2022 amounts to € 579,02 or its legal equivalent in foreign currency.

How long does it take to get a Spanish non lucrative visa?

Spanish Non-Lucrative Visa Processing – The Spanish authorities may take up to three months to process your non-lucrative residence visa application. Though most countries process the visa from two to five weeks , if the Spanish authorities in your country receive a lot of applications for Spain, then the processing may be delayed to three months.