Non Lucrative Visa Spain Criminal Record?

Non Lucrative Visa Spain Criminal Record
Who Can Apply for a Spanish Non-Lucrative Residence Visa? – A Non Lucrative Visa for Spain is available to all persons who have a clear criminal record and the required financial means to support themselves and their dependents, if any, without the need of getting a job in Spain.

How to apply for a non-lucrative visa to Spain?

Required documents to get the non-lucrative visa 1 Copy of the Passport 2 Copy of the birth certificate 3 Medical certificate 4 Health insurance contracted with a private Spanish company 5 Proof of funds (minimum €26. 000 per applicant) 6 Criminal Records More.

Can I get a Spanish visa with a criminal record?

Again, the certificate must be less than 90 days old. The report should show that you do not have a criminal record of any convictions that would prevent the visa from being issued. If you have a criminal record we recommend speaking to a quality Spanish Immigration Lawyer for advice before applying.

How long is a Spanish non-lucrative visa valid?

In this article, we will show you how to renew your non-lucrative visa in Spain and the documents you require. As mentioned in a previous article, ” How to apply for a Spanish Non-lucrative visa for UK Citizens “, the initial visa is valid for 12 months.

  • The next visa has a 2-year validity and can then be extended for a further 2 years;
  • After the 5 years, you have the option to apply for long-term Spanish residency *subject to certain specific requirements;

(eg. Being able to prove legal and continuous residence in Spain for five years (not having left the country for more than 180 days a year), and not having a criminal record).