Non Resident Property Tax Spain 2017?

Non Resident Property Tax Spain 2017
Tax office website updated 13th December 2021 HERE Info from our tax expert Philip Carroll. The rate for 2015 (so to declare December 2016) for non-residents from EU countries is 19,5% and for 2016 (to declare December 2017) it will be 19%, and for 2017 as well.

  1. As Article 50 of the Lisbon Treaty re BREXIT, has only been triggered in March 2017 and the UK was part of the EU for the whole of 2018, it will remain 19% for taxyear 2018 (to declare in 2019);
  2. In the event that the UK leaves the EU, as of that date, the rate will change to 24%;

Update   1. 2020 As the UK has remained part of the EU for the entire tax year 2019 and the EU regulations will remain valid during the transition period, so till the end of 2020, the rate will remain 19% for the declarations to be filed in 2020 and 2021.

As of taxyear 2021, the tax rate for British non-resident property owners will be 24%. LINK TO INFO SPANISH TAX AGENCY Note: new form to use as of 2018, so rental income during 2018 and imputed rental income as of December 2019.

Rate for non-residents from non-EU countries remains at 24%. The rate that applies to work out the tax base: with effect from 1st January 2015 providing catastral value was revised within the previous 10 years, then 1. 1%, otherwise 2%. Complete guide how to fill out Modelo 210 in the Library, Taxation section.

  1. Personal taxation, note no;
  2. Or click for direct access HERE Guide from the Tax Agency incl;
  3. details on how to act when filing and paying the declaration from abroad;
  4. Payment details on page 19;
  5. Please note: The information provided is based upon our understanding of current legislation;
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How much tax do I pay on a Spanish property?

Taxes on buying a Spanish property – Spanish property taxes vary depending on whether you are buying a new home or a resale property. New refers to a property that has never changed hands before – in this case; it is usually sold directly by the developer.

  • Resale refers to homes that have been sold at least once before;
  • This includes new properties that were bought by banks or taken on by them in case of default on mortgage payments, for example;
  • Expect to pay between 8% and 11;

5% in taxes on a property purchase in Spain.