Non Working Visa Spain?

Non Working Visa Spain
A Spanish non-lucrative visa is a permit to enter Spain for the purpose of residing without working anywhere , only living on passive income such as pensions, rents or dividends. It is categorized as a Spanish long term visa. The main requirement to obtain the non lucrative visa in Spain is to have sufficient financial means to support oneself without the need to work.

How long can I stay in Spain with a non-lucrative visa?

My Non-lucrative Visa Experience for Spain

Validity of a Spanish Non-Lucrative Visa – A Spanish Non-Lucrative Visa is valid for three months and 15 days. Within this period, you will need to apply for your Non-Lucrative Residence Permit in Spain. The Residence Permit is initially issued with a validity of two years.

You can then renew the permit for another 5 years given that you have stayed at least six months per year with a Non Lucrative Residence Permit in Spain during the last two years. After five years in Spain with a temporary residence permit, you will be eligible to apply for a permanent residence permit.

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Do you have to pay taxes in Spain with a non-lucrative visa?

Because this residence card requires you to stay a minimum of 183 days a year in the country to renew, you will become a tax resident. This means that you will have to pay income tax on your worldwide income.