Poker On Line Spain?

Poker On Line Spain
Is poker legal in Spain? – In Spain, poker is legal in state licensed casinos and card rooms. Online poker is also legal, with the country being the third in Europe to legalize online gambling after France and Italy. As defined by Spanish law, the term ” gambling ” refers to any type of activity in which there is an exchange of money or items of economic value depending on an unknown and future result.

What are the laws for online poker in Spain?

Spain real money online poker laws – The Spanish Gaming Act , also known as Law 13/2011 , regulates all gaming in Spain. As briefly touched on above, this statute is very tough on online poker operators. They are required to jump through numerous hoops just to obtain a license.

  1. Then, they must also pay a 15 percent tax on gross game returns;
  2. Finally, they’re supposed to block players from outside of Spain from accessing their networks;
  3. Sites that offer their service to Spaniards without obtaining a valid Spanish license first can be hit with fines ranging from $1 million to $50 million , but the government simply can’t enforce this law when dealing with offshore poker rooms;

In turn, this puts local operators at a severe disadvantage.

Are there any poker tournaments in Spain?

Popular Poker Tournaments Hosted In Spain – Some of the highest profile poker tournaments in the world have been played in Spain. At different times, Barcelona has been the site of the European Poker Tour and the World Poker Tour. In addition, there are also events and tournaments of varying sizes that take place in the city, as well as in other parts of the country.

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Where to play online poker in Ibiza?

History of real money online poker in Spain – Online poker in Spain remained unregulated throughout the entire ’90s. At this time, Spanish players joined the largest international networks in droves. Then, 2011 marked the passing of the Spanish Gaming Act , which came into effect in 2012.

The new regulations were extremely strict on poker operators and fairly lenient on players. Therefore, the transition to a fenced market played out in a very predictable manner. High-profile operators entered the local market with sub-par offers , as they had to compensate for revenues lost in taxes they had to pay to the Spanish government.

Players quickly realized these new licensed sites weren’t all that competitive. They also found the regulators couldn’t really enforce these new laws against them. In turn, they started migrating to offshore sites. Thus, the entire attempt at regulating the Spanish market ended in a spectacular fiasco.

Why play poker in Spanish casinos?

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For many years, the gambling industry in Spain existed under pretty relaxed laws and regulations. More recently however, the government has undertaken measures aimed at tightening regulation on the industry. The first laws that dealt with the online gambling industry were enacted in 2006. However, these laws pertained only to online betting. Slots and card games–along with poker–remained illegal as far as the Spanish government was concerned.

  1. Even so, the existing laws and regulations continued to be updated and amended;
  2. By 2010, the government made a decisive step toward establishing a more definitive set of guidelines for regulating the gambling industry;

This paved the way for the Spanish Gambling Act, which was passed in 2011. As a result of this law, online poker and other games that were previously illegal were now allowed. One of the consequences of the passing of the Gambling Act was that players in Spain were allowed to play only on sites with the domain “.