Spain Non Eu Travel?

Spain Non Eu Travel
At present, any person travelling to Spain not in possession of an EU COVID Certificate or equivalent must complete an FCS form. It is mandatory to complete the form and sign it electronically at least 4 hours before the expected date of departure. Travellers need an email address and should provide the following information:.

Do I need a travel form to travel to Spain?

Can I transit this country? – Travellers in transit are not required to provide COVID-19 certificates nor the Health Control Form, provided that they do not leave the airport and that they do not remain in Spain longer than 24 hours. Learn more: International transits Spain Travel Health.

Which countries are currently permitted entry to Spain?

Travelling to Spain Or EU Country From UK As Non Eu Family Member

Residents of the following countries are also currently permitted entry to Spain: 1 Andorra 2 Australia 3 China 4 Hong Kong (SAR China) 5 Macao (SAR China) 6 Monaco 7 New Zealand 8 Rwanda 9 San Marino 10 Singapore More items.

Do I need a health control form to travel to Spain?

All travellersarriving to Spain by airor by sea, including children of any age, passengers in transit to other countries and residents in Spain returning home, must fill in a Health Control Formbefore departure. Travellers must provide the QR code when they board and when they arrive in Spain.