Spain Smoking On Terraces?

Apparently by Spanish law smoking is permitted in “terraces” in restaurants. Meaning anyone sitting in an “outdoor” area in cafe, bar or restaurant is allowed legally to smoke. Astonishingly restaurants are not able to enforce a smoking ban on any outdoor areas whether they want it or not.

As 90% of seating in such establishments in the coastal areas are outdoor areas, smoking is effectively permitted everywhere. Moreover inside areas are linked to the outside areas with large open sides meaning smoke is free to travel everywhere.

This is not so noticeable as most tourists don’t actually smoke, but if you are unlucky enough to get a table of smokers nearby you have no choice but to enjoy the second hand smoke as well. I am writing this as I was having to experience this first hand recently in Spain and there seems to be a general acceptance that smoking is ok in Spain.

Can you smoke on the terraces in Spain?

Among the measures is a total ban on smoking in open-air places where many people meet, such as the terrazas (bar, cafe, restaurant terraces) and beaches. Some private spaces, including cars, could also become non-smoking areas.

Are you allowed to smoke on the beach in Spain?

    Spain Smoking On Terraces Spain Smoking On Terraces

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    • The role of the public in changing norms: smoke-free beaches in Spain

    In Spain, a powerful campaign is paving the way to ban cigarette smoking on beaches. The motivations are not just for health, but also for the environment. Long after a cigarette has been extinguished, it continues to cause damage in the form of non-biodegradable cigarette butts – millions of kilograms of which are discarded every year.

    In Spain, where almost every fifth adult and adolescent smokes – 18% of adults smoked tobacco in 2020 and 21% of adolescents aged 15–16 smoked cigarettes in 2019 – the health, economic and environmental impact of tobacco use is substantial.

    Spain is among a few countries in the WHO European Region which bans tobacco use in all indoor public places, and health campaigners and policy-makers are leading the way to extend smoke-free zones to outdoor spaces, including the country’s sunny beaches.

    The force behind this progress is a Spanish organization called Nofumadores. org, which is composed of passionate people from every corner of Spain fighting for their right to live in a country free from tobacco and nicotine.

    In 2018, Nofumadores. org launched a petition to lobby for smoke-free beaches across the country. Despite only sharing the petition organically through the organization’s networks and on social media, it accumulated 107 000 signatures within 2 weeks. It became clear there was great support for this measure among the Spanish population.

    • No wonder – the benefits to beach smoking bans are extensive;
    • They not only help decrease second-hand exposure to tobacco smoke, which causes more than 1;
    • 2 million premature deaths per year on a global scale, but also reduce litter, prevent harm to the environment caused by cigarette butts and improve amenities;
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    “We were congratulated on the proposal and told that this campaigning helps the Ministry when it comes to implementing these types of measures, since politicians need social support in order to change the laws,” explains Raquel Fernández Megina, President of Nofumadores.

    • org;
    • “The main message we were given was: Make noise;
    • Help us to help you;
    • ” As of March 2022, the petition had more than 331 000 signatures and is still growing;
    • Although the first beach in Spain declared itself smoke-free in 2006, only 91 – or 3% – of beaches were smoke-free by 2018;

    However, after campaigns across Spain by tobacco control advocates, this number grew to 525 by 2021, totaling 17. 5%. For most of these beaches, the ban has thus far been predominantly educational, as there are no fines to secure it. But a new ecological law has just passed through Spain’s Congress and Senate, approved on 4 April.

    It includes a clause which would empower local councils to impose fines of up to €2000 for smoking on beaches. Although not a comprehensive ban that would prohibit it, this crucial step opens the door to local councils regulating seaside smoking.

    In the name of an ecological transition and a circular economy, the law is expected to enter into force by July 2022. This would strengthen smoke-free beaches through enforcement – effectively giving them definitive backing.

    What are the new smoking rules in Spain?

    Spain is exploring the ban as part of an update on the anti-smoking law – Spain Smoking On TerracesARCHIVED – Spanish in favour of banning smoking on bar terraces” width=”100%”> At the height of the coronavirus pandemic, smoking was prohibited in all outdoor spaces if a 1. 5-metre safety distance couldn’t be maintained and many regions, including the Valencian Community , continue to ban smoking on bar and restaurant terraces. A study conducted by the Spanish Society of Family and Community Medicine (semFYC) in honour of the 23rd edition of the Week without Smoke found that, of the 6,302 people surveyed, 85.

    • 5% are in favour of extending the legislation on tobacco-free public spaces;
    • Of the people included in the report, 48;
    • 7% were non-smokers, 35% were ex-smokers and 16;
    • 3% still smoke;
    • According to the specialists from semFYC, “even 27;

    7% of smokers would support the restriction of smoking on terraces and 9% would even extend it to a space of up to eight metres around them. ” Currently, the 2010 modification of the anti-smoking law dictates that smoking is only permitted in Spain on uncovered terraces and ones that are surrounded by a maximum of two walls, but this isn’t always strictly enforced.

    1. Susana Morena, coordinator of the semFYC Smoke-Free Week, believes the data shows that “hotel terraces are one of the places where a large part of people’s social activity takes place and smokers who want to quit perceive them as situations of high risk of failure;
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    ” Image: Archive.

    Can you smoke on your balcony in Tenerife?

    2 answers. Dear guest, Yes, you are allowed to smoke on the balcony and the outdoor seating areas.

    Can you smoke on beaches in Barcelona?

    Special ‘informants’ will patrol the Spanish beaches and hand out fines to smokers – Spain Smoking On TerracesARCHIVED – Smoking is now illegal on all Barcelona beaches” width=”100%”> There are still a few options open to smokers who don’t want to go the entire beach day without a puff, but they require some effort. The first and most obvious is a quick trip up to the boardwalk, where smoking is still permitted. The second is the pedestrian walkways which separate off the different city beaches, although depending on where you’ve set up, this can be a bit of a trek.

    • Finally, there’s always the beach bars , where you can enjoy a cheeky drink along with your cigarette if the mood takes you;
    • Smoking is allowed at all the beach bars, but most will require bathers to buy something if they’re going to take up space;

    If none of these options are appealing, the beaches of the outlying Barcelona municipalities still permit smoking. The plan to prohibit smoking has been well publicised since April so it shouldn’t come as a surprise to most, but to be on the safe side Guardia Urbana ‘informants’ have been hired to patrol the shores and ensure that the rule is being followed.

    When the new system began on Monday, the Councillor for Climate Emergency, Eloi Badia, explained that the rules came about as the result of a successful pilot project last summer, which reduced the number of cigarette butts left on Barcelona beaches by 50%.

    Moreover, a survey showed that 8 out of 10 beachgoers, both smokers and non-smokers, were in favour of the restriction. Image: Pixabay.

    Is it legal to smoke in Spain?

    Abstract – While Spain’s national tobacco control legislation prohibits smoking in many indoor public places, the law provides for an exception to the prohibition of smoking by allowing separate seating sections and ventilation options in certain public places such as bars and restaurants, hotels and airports.

    Accordingly, Spain’s law is not aligned with Article 8 Guidelines of the World Health Organization’s Framework Convention on Tobacco Control, which requires parties to ensure universal protection against secondhand smoke exposure in all enclosed public places, workplaces and on all means of public transport.

    Spain’s law is currently being promoted by the tobacco companies in other countries as a model for smoke-free legislation. In order to prevent weakening of smoke-free laws in other countries through industry-supported exceptions, we investigated the tactics used by the tobacco companies before the implementation of the new law and assessed the consequences of these actions in the hospitality sector.

    Internal tobacco industry documents made public through US litigation settlements dating back to the 1980s were searched in 2008–9. Documents show that tobacco companies sought to protect hospitality venues from smoking restrictions by promoting separate seating for smokers and ineffective ventilation technologies, supporting an unenforceable voluntary agreement between the Madrid local government and the hospitality industry, influencing ventilation standards setting and manipulating Spanish media.

    The Spanish National Assembly should adopt comprehensive smoke-free legislation that does not accommodate the interests of the tobacco industry. In doing so, Spain’s smoke-free public places law would be better aligned with the Framework Convention on Tobacco Control.

    • Environmental tobacco smoke
    • public policy
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    Can you smoke on terraces in Benidorm?

    So can you smoke in Spain? – Smoking is prohibited in enclosed public spaces such as bars, restaurants, nightclubs, casinos, airports and outdoor spaces such as playgrounds, schools and hospital grounds. The hotels are equipped to book 30% of their rooms for smokers.

    Can u smoke in Benidorm?

    Helpful answer 0 Votes Not as helpful I don’t know what their policy is but my partner smokes cigars and he smoked on our balcony and by pool but while watching the footy he wasn’t allowed to smoke in the bar area by the tv,the smoking area is further down so he stood on the pavement which was two feet behind me and it’s completely open anyway so that for me is crazy! over a year ago Problem with this answer?.

    Can you smoke outside bars in Benidorm?

    Re: Smoking ban just back 11 years ago Currently looking around for accomodation, and I notice the new Maeva appartments state that all rooms are non-smoking, and this prompts two questions : 1) Are all hotel rooms in Benidorm non-smoking now the law has changed, or do some still have the option (as we do in the UK) to allocate smoking rooms? 2) In non-smoking accomodation like the Maeva, will this also apply to the balcony/terrace?.

    Can you smoke in bars in Benidorm?

    Bars and restaurants under 100sq metres can choose to be smoking or not amnd most have opted to stay smoking zones unfortunately. It’s the size of a 4 bedroom flat roughly, so not that small. I had more hopes for smoke-free meals but in fact little has changed.

    When did the smoking ban start in Spain?

    Introduction. The same year it became a party to the FCTC, Spain passed national tobacco control legislation ( Law 28/2005 ),16 replacing previous legislation.

    Can you smoke in Majorca 2022?

    Smoking ban still in effect – One of the few restrictions that remain in Mallorca is regarding the consumption of tobacco. Smoking is prohibited on the terraces of establishments for public use, as well as on public roads or in open-air spaces for public use when maintaining a minimum distance of two meters from other people cannot be ensured.