Spain To Go On Amber Plus List?

The government is reportedly considering adding Spain to the ” amber plus” list for travel, which mandates self-isolation and extra testing, as cases surge. The new category was created hastily on 16 July as a bespoke solution for France, as ministers panicked about the rise in beta cases – otherwise known as the South African variant.

It has not been given the name “amber plus” officially, although this is essentially what it is. The new grade mandates that travellers returning from “amber plus” territories must self-isolate for 10 days and take two tests, regardless of whether they’ve been fully vaccinated or not.

From 19 July, Britons fully vaccinated by the NHS are exempt from quarantine on return from amber territories, and must instead take just one PCR test within two days of arrival. According to reports from the Guardian , ministers will discuss shunting mainland Spain, as well as its holiday islands, onto the amber plus list as infections rise.

The Balearics, which were downgraded from green to amber list at the latest traffic light reshuffle on 14 July, have seen soaring infections in recent weeks. Latest government Covid data shows that seven-day infection rates stand at 363 in 10,000 people.

A curfew has been introduced on the popular holiday islands to curb the spread. It comes as the UK is finalising plans to drop quarantine for fully vaccinated EU and US citizens, in order to open up inbound travel. An official announcement is expected later today.

Will Spain be added to the Amber List?

Spain is unlikely to be added to the ‘amber-plus’ list imminently It is despite data showing higher Beta variant rates there than in France France became first amber list country to be excluded from rules on quarantine-free travel for double-jabbed Britons.

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Which countries could be added to the amber plus travel list?

What is the ‘amber plus’ list? – The new category, which was created on 16 July, is somewhere between amber and red. It was created especially for travel to France, as ministers were concerned over the rise in Beta infections (the South African variant). Italy could be added to the ‘amber plus’ list. Picture: Alamy “With England entering step four of the roadmap, and restrictions easing for double vaccinated travellers, the government’s top priority is to stop the spread of Covid-19, including protecting our borders from the threat of variants. “The decision to add countries to the red, amber or green lists is made jointly by ministers, informed by the latest scientific data and public health advice and taking into account a range of factors.

Will Spain go on the’amber-plus’travel list?

Spain is unlikely to go on the ‘amber-plus’ travel list imminently despite having HIGHER rates of Beta variant Covid cases than France, ministers say Spain is unlikely to be added to the.

Why is France not on the Amber List?


  • 9:21, 28 Jul 2021
  • Updated : 11:21, 28 Jul 2021

SPAIN could be replacing France on the amber plus list next week, meaning Brits will not be able to skip the 10-day quarantine even if fully vaxxed. Government sources are confident that France will be removed next week after it was added at short notice earlier this month. Spain To Go On Amber Plus List 2 Spain could be replacing France on the amber plus list next week Credit: Alamy The country was added due to the fears of the Beta variant, meaning France was not included in the easing of the amber list rules which lets Brits with both jabs skip the quarantine back in the UK. However, a Whitehall source told the Mail Online that the Department of Health is ‘jumpy’ about the variant being detected in some parts of Spain. They said: “The situation in Spain is beginning to feel a lot like the build-up to the decision on France.

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“The Department of Health are getting very jumpy about the number of Beta cases in parts of the country. “We’re not talking about the main tourist hotspots, but that might not make any difference – it didn’t with France.

” Other officials have downplayed the threat in Spain , saying the country won’t be added in the travel review, expected on August 5. A Department for Transport spokesperson said: “The travel list allocations have not changed for Spain or Greece.