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Are they making any more sun sea and selling houses?

Sun, Sea and Selling Houses will be filming October-November-December 2021, and airing on Channel 4 in early 2022.

Is it a good idea to buy Spanish property?

Should you buy or rent property in Spain? – The Spanish property market has many quirks, and it pays to do your research before buying. Factors to be aware of when buying Spanish property include property scams, high capital gains tax, and fluctuations in the property market.

  1. The added uncertainty caused by COVID-19 means that now could be a risky time to buy in Spain;
  2. The country’s rental market is also in flux;
  3. Before the pandemic, regional governments were looking to introduce stronger rules around people buying holiday lets, after rent prices increased significantly in areas popular with investors;

Each of Spain’s 17 regions has the power to set rules around foreign buyers purchasing properties to let out. The most stringent rules are in the Balearic Islands, where only Spanish residents can apply for buy-to-let licenses, and Madrid, where new measures include only allowing stays of up to five days.

Will Spanish property prices drop?

Spain was the only major western economy to experience a real fall in house prices in 2021, according to research from the real estate company Knight Frank. Spanish house prices increased by 4. 4% in 2021, but after taking inflation into account they were down by 2%, reveals the Global House Price Index for 2021 researched and published by Knight Frank. Scroll down to see the table below. Out of the 56 countries included in the ranking (30% of the world), real house prices fell in just nine territories, or 16% of the sample, and nominal house prices rell in just 3 countries.

The other side of the coin says that real house prices rose in 84% of the countries included in the ranking last year (and nominal prices in 95%), showing that house prices were remarkably buoyant in 2021, as the world started to move on from the pandemic in most countries.

Of the nine countries where real house prices fell last year, four of them were in the European Union (Spain plus Malta, Cyprus, and Lithuania), of which Spain was the only big economy – and only big western economy – where real house prices fell last year according to this ranking.

The biggest real falls were in Morocco (-7. 4%) and Brazil (-4. 3%). Figures from the National Institute of Statistics (INE) confirm that real house prices fell in Spain last year. According to this source, average Spanish house prices rose 6.

4% last year, whilst inflation was up 6. 5% (6. 6% according to Eurostat), meaning a real decline of 0. 1% (or 0. 2%) – not as bad as the figures from Knight Frank, but still negative. However, according to data from the Spanish notary association, nominal house prices were up by 8.

  1. 2% last year, meaning a real increase of 1;
  2. 8%, so the story really depends on which data source you use;
  3. In Portugal, Spain’s closest neighbour and competitor for foreign holiday-home investors, nominal house prices rose 11;
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2% and real prices by 8. 2%, suggesting that Spain has its own problems to solve. Average national house prices might have fallen in real terms last year (depending on your data source), but even according to the NIE there were wide regional variations, with real prices rising by 3.

  1. 1% in the Balearics, 1;
  2. 5% in Andalusia, and 1;
  3. 3% in the Canaries;
  4. If you use the notaries, real house prices rose 12;
  5. 6% in the Balearics last year, enough to keep even demanding investors happy;
  6. If you accept that average real house prices fell in Span last year, what might explain that? Above average inflation is at least part of the answer;

Spanish inflation last year was 6. 6% compared to a Eurozone average of 5%, 3. 4% in France, and just 2. 8% in Portugal. But soft house prices in real terms does not appear to have cooled foreign investor demand for property for sale in Spain , as 2021 was a record year for foreign demand for property in Spain. ” Click to enlarge.

Is Sun Sea and Selling Houses finished?

Season 6 of Sun Sea and Selling Houses in 2023 The filming of Sun Sea and Selling Houses season 6 will probably take place between October and December 2022. The new series will then air on Channel 4 early in the New Year.

Where is Sun Sea and Selling Houses filmed?

A brand-new series of the popular Channel 4 series ‘Sun, Sea & Selling Houses’ is ready to start filming – and we’re excited to announce Ideal Homes Portugal will be taking part, helping property seekers find their dream home on the Algarve.

When was today’s Sun Sea and Selling Houses filmed?

Do you want to appear on a UK TV Property Show? A brand-new series of ‘Sun, Sea and Selling Houses’ is coming soon on Channel 4, and Ideal Homes Portugal will be taking part, helping property-seekers find their dream home on the Algarve. Join us in the Algarve, and appear on national TV in the UK! ‘Sun, Sea and Selling Houses’ is a property show packed with blue skies, stunning properties and colourful characters. It follows the personal and professional lives of British expats who’ve set up businesses overseas, and films their daily experience as they meet with new property seekers also looking to find that dream home in the sun.

What happens during filming? ‘Sun, Sea and Selling Houses’ will be filming between October – December 2021, and the show will be airing on Channel 4 in early 2022. You will need to be available for 3 – 4 days for filming.

Not only will we help find your dream property in the sun, you will also get to explore the Algarve with our team and experience the excitement of appearing on Channel 4. If you are living outside Portugal we will cover your accommodations costs if you are selected to appear on the show.

How to apply: If you’re buying a property, and can visit Portugal this year between Oct – Dec, fill out our application form and we’ll be in touch. Our experts will shortlist a selection of properties for you to visit during filming.

idh. link/SunSea&SellingHouses You can also contact the Ideal Homes team on [email protected] com or give us a call on +351 289 513 434. We can’t wait to share your journey with you! About Ideal Homes Portugal Ideal Homes provides a one stop shop with over 35 years combined experience in the real estate industry.

  1. The company has experts in a variety of fields that help clients determine the best investment location in Portugal, Portuguese residency and taxes, financial assistance from their in-house mortgage broker along with property and rental management services;
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Ideal Homes prides itself in offering a friendly, personal service that ensures that clients get the most pleasant experience. In addition, Ideal Homes puts in the time and effort to research and hand pick the right property for clients.

Will house prices drop in 2022 Spain?

What are the current experts forecasts for the Spanish property market? The price is going to rise by 10% and sales by 15% in 2022, estimates Gonzalo Bernardos, professor and director of the Real Estate Master’s programme at the University of Barcelona.

Is now a good time to sell a property in Spain?

Spanish Property Prices Forecast – The following housing prices chart shows a steady uptrend in Spain’s property prices since recovering from the Spanish property crash. The promising outlook for property prices: despite over five years of continued housing prices rising, Spain’s real housing price is still 23% (-32% inflation-adjusted) below peak levels witnessed before the global financial crisis.

Is Spain heading for a property crash?

As we progress further into 2022, there has been speculation that Spain is heading towards a housing bubble, which is when increased demand and low supply reaches a point of collapse.

Is it a good time to buy in Spain now?

THE BENEFITS OF BUYING A HOUSE IN SPAIN REMAIN STRONG – If you do have the capital and owning a property in Spain has always been your dream, then 2021 could be a good year to do it. Buyers who purchase for the first time are increasingly looking to buy Spain.

Countries with the highest salary find more affordable the purchase of a property in Spain and enjoy the holidays in Spain rather than in many other countries. The cost of living is much cheaper than in other countries, as well as the rentals, so Spain has also become a great alternative not only for retired people, but also for young people who wish to establish here and live permanently.

Actually, many developers are doing a big effort to show quality in their projects and are offering a product with higher quality to the buyers. You can find properties equipped with the latest technology combined with a lot of facilities, beautiful surroundings, etc.

  1. Spain has not lost any of its fantastic attractions with this crisis;
  2. We are experiencing a global break but the wish to have a property, whether owned or rented, and our climate and lifestyle will remain unchanged;

Crises have always been a source of opportunities, and this is what many investors must have thought, who already analyze the property sector for opportunities. This can also be your opportunity. Related :  Buying property in Spain after Brexit. If you have found this article of interest, we recommend you download our free guide “How to buy your property in Spain safely”.

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Will the Spanish housing market crash?

There has been an uptick in prices in the Spanish real estate market , but it can’t be classified as a bubble. Or at least not yet, in an opinion that is widely shared by market analysts and academics. Housing will continue to get more expensive in 2022 in line with economic growth and inflation.

Though the European Central Bank (ECB) has flagged up the sector’s “exuberance” – a term used to substitute “bubble” – it appears to be referring to the housing market in other countries rather than in Spain.

But in a sector increasingly exposed to global investment trends, a degree of contamination cannot be ruled out. According to Ignacio de la Torre, chief economist at the asset management firm Arcano Partners, the current situation is linked to affordability.

In a bid to assess the risk of a bubble, he suggests analyzing the so-called effort rate: the portion of income a household allocates to housing payments. “Anything above 35% means we have a stressed market, and Spain was at 46% in 2006,” he explains in reference to the peak of Spain’s previous housing bubble.

Right now, with that percentage lying between 30% and 32%, it’s a different scenario. “The problem is when houses go up in price,” he adds. “If they go up 9% as in Germany, or 20% as in the US, it leads to a bubble. ” Housing has become more expensive in Spain in 2021, contrary to what many experts were predicting a year ago.

  1. The National Statistics Institute (INE) will not publish the official data until March, but the annual growth rate up to the third quarter stood at 4;
  2. 2%, showing a clear upward trend;
  3. Meanwhile, CaixaBank’s research service, which quantified the average rise in 2021 at 1;

9% (well below other sources), believes that the rate will double and reach 4% in 2022. “There are some worrying symptoms,” says Gonzalo Bernardos, director of the Master’s degree in Real Estate Consultancy, Management and Development at Barcelona University.

However, he sees the risk of no more than a “light bubble” and makes it clear that the situation is very different from the 2008 global downturn : “If there is no financial crisis and the banks are not in big trouble, there would only be a market freeze and prices would fall,” he says.

At the root of what could lead to a bubble is, he says, the imbalance between the supply of new houses and growing demand, but he stresses that a bubble of whatever dimensions would not, in any case, happen until 2024.

How much tax do I pay when buying a property in Spain?

Taxes on buying a Spanish property – Spanish property taxes vary depending on whether you are buying a new home or a resale property. New refers to a property that has never changed hands before – in this case; it is usually sold directly by the developer.

  1. Resale refers to homes that have been sold at least once before;
  2. This includes new properties that were bought by banks or taken on by them in case of default on mortgage payments, for example;
  3. Expect to pay between 8% and 11;

5% in taxes on a property purchase in Spain.