Taking My Car To Spain On Holiday?

Taking My Car To Spain On Holiday

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Don’t forget you must carry the following 7 essential items in your car when driving in Spain in 2022 –

  1. Passport or ID Card
  2. Driving Licence
  3. Insurance Certificate
  4. Original registration document (permiso de circulación) 
  5. Ficha Tecnica/itv (Mot Certificate)
  6. Two warning triangles 
  7. Reflective Jacket(s) – for anyone who gets out of the car on a main road.

Can I Drive in Spain on a driving holiday?

A driving holiday in Spain is a great way to see all that the country has to offer beyond the package holiday. Can I drive in Spain with a UK licence? Yes, you can drive in Spain using your full UK driving licence. But you must be at least 18 years old and, obviously, it must be in-date.

What do I need to hire a car in Spain?

In order to hire a car in Spain you will need to have a full UK driving licence, an International Driving Permit (if your UK licence was not issued by mainland authorities), your valid passport or National ID card for EU citizens as identification and a credit card to pay for the car hire deposit.

Can I import a car from the UK to Spain?

Vehicles from the UK may be imported into Spain for up to 6 months in any period of 12 months. When driving in Spain the following documents should be carried: Full, valid driving licence*. Proof of insurance (third party or above) Proof of ID (passport) Proof of ownership (V5C certificate).

When can I Register my car in Spain as a tourist?

The law states that you should register your foreign car in Spain 2 months after you become a Resident, or after vehicle has been in Spain for 6 months, if the owner is in Spain as a tourist. So the above article contradicts this law in a number of statements.