What’S On Torrevieja Spain?

Are you thinking about moving to Torrevieja Spain? If yes, this is your guide You are either from an EU or non-EU country… and I have the perfect articles I published on Torrevieja Translation to help you move to Spain, but I will put them at the end of the article. Welcome to the most complete guide about moving to Torrevieja Spain About Torrevieja  Torrevieja is a coastal resort on the Costa Blanca in the south east of Spain. It is famed for its quality beaches, a protected Natural Park and two salt lakes. Torrevieja is located in the Alicante region of the Costa Blanca, some 47 km south east of the regional capital of Alicante and the nearest large international airport is 36 km from the resort. What (Torrevieja, Costa Blanca, South east Spain – Google Maps) Other resorts and cities in the area include Benidorm at 77 km, Cartagena at 55 km, Elche 35 km, Guardamar 12 km, Orihuela 31 km and Murcia is 46 km with its airport at San Javier being just 28 km from Torrevieja. Further north Alicante province, there are other beautiful towns such as Altea and Calpe. .

Does Torrevieja have good nightlife?

Torrevieja on the southern Costa Blanca has the most nightlife in the area and if that is not enough then Benidorm nightlife with it’s with more than one thousand bars, pubs, restaurants and clubs is only an hour away by car.

How much is the bus from Alicante airport to Torrevieja?

Taxi €50 24/7
Bus €14 08:00–22:00
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What does Torrevieja mean in English?

The name Torrevieja means ‘ old tower ‘ In Spanish, the name of the town translates as ‘torre’ (tower) and ‘vieja’ (old).

Can you swim in the Pink Lake of Torrevieja?

The Torrevieja pink lake is located immediately west of the city, almost attached to it, and is part of the Natural Park of Lagunas de La Mata – Torrevieja. In addition, as already mentioned, it is used for the salt industry and, although some people swimm in the pink salt lake of Torrevieja, swimming is not allowed.

Does Torrevieja have a strip?

Rojales – In this section of town, you would find a strip of bars and restaurants where locals typically visit.

Does Alicante have good nightlife?

Nightlife Alicante – Located in the southeast of Spain in the autonomous region of Valencia , Alicante is one of the most famous summer resorts in Costa Blanca. A city rich in history and culture, but also extremely popular during the summer season for its beautiful beaches and its wild nightlife.

During the warmer months, indeed, Alicante is invaded by boys and girls who gather in the numerous discos and nightclubs along the beach or in the old town. The nightlife of Alicante It is in fact one of the best in all of Spain and is itself one of the main attractions of the city.

The nightclubs and Alicante discos attracting hordes of international tourists who come here looking for nightlife and lots of fun. The local varieties of Alicante is truly remarkable: the cocktail bar at the beach kiosks, to the trendy nightclubs and always crowded, for nights of fun music-based, alcoholic drinks and hot encounters.

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The alicantina night starts late, After the 23. 00, and it ends well after dawn. You can start your evening in some tapas bars or stop in a chirinquito, then head to the disco late at night. The Alicante discos are the absolute protagonists of the city nightlife.

They usually offer a wide mix of music genres for all tastes, They fill up after midnight and remain open until beyond 5 in the morning. What The Alicante discos.