Will Spain Be On Green List?

Will Spain Be On Green List
Spain was one of the popular European destinations absent from the green list announced by the Government last week. The initial list includes just 12 countries, with Portugal, Israel, Australia and New Zealand among those making the cut. Most of the world will start on the amber list when foreign travel resumes on 17 May , meaning people will have to quarantine for up to 10 days on their return.

When will Spain be added to the Green List?

This week’s best foreign holiday deals – “Now, when it comes to travel, international travel, we have the traffic light system. That is there for a reason, in terms of red listing countries where we have variants of concern, all those types of things. “We have measures in place to protect the public. Will Spain Be On Green List 14 Only 12 countries are currently on the green list “But that’s always under review. That list can change and will change. ” Spain was left off the green list  and  won’t be added until June at the earliest. Spain’s Secretary of State for Tourism, Fernando Valdes, said: “We are working on this list being compiled by regions. But it’s not a EU problem, it’s a UK problem because it should have the capacity to territorialize the world and not just Spain.

When it comes to holidays, of course the public will follow the advice that comes out from the government, green listing for example. “We hope a re-evaluation of some regions take place soon. Spain, along with Portugal, is the holiday region that’s in the best epidemiological situation.

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“There are competitors that have higher coronavirus rates and that gives us an obvious competitive advantage. We are confident Spain will be on the green light list in June. ” Parents are also unlikely to be fined for taking kids to Spain during the half-term break and having to miss school while they quarantine, it’s understood.

Kids may be given remote lessons and will have to work from home while they complete their quarantine if it runs into term-time, according to sources. Currently,  Portugal  is the only major tourist destination on Britain’s green list, which means holidaymakers do not need to isolate on their return.

But Boris Johnson wants to add ” as many countries as possible ” to the travel green list this summer, a top minister declared while tourist bosses in Spain want the UK to recognise the low coronavirus rates in areas like the Balearic Islands and Valencian Autonomous Community.

Which countries won’t be on the Green List?

Spain, Italy, Greece and France won’t make green list in next update ‘We’re very keen to see as many countries as possible on that green list,’ says Justice Secretary Helen Coffey @LenniCoffey.