Will Uk Put Spain On Green List?

Will Uk Put Spain On Green List
Spain is reportedly unlikely to be added to the UK’s travel green list when the traffic light system is reviewed in June. Currently just 12 countries are on the green list. The Government says people should continue to avoid travelling to any other countries, other than for essential reasons.

Will Spain and Greece make the UK’s Green List?

It is looking increasingly unlikely that tourism favourites Spain, Greece, Italy and France will make the UK’s travel ‘ green list ‘ in the next update, despite the justice secretary ‘s claim that the government is ‘very keen to see as many countries as possible’ make the list.

Should Scotland add countries to the UK’s Green List?

Spain holidays: Canary Islands will be added to UK green list ‘imminently’ claims ( Travel News )

Meanwhile, the Scottish government has taken a different approach – the four UK Chief Medical Officers have said that green-list status should be the exception, rather than the rule, with countries added to the list only where there are very good reasons for doing so.