Work Permit In Spain For Non Eu?

Work Permit In Spain For Non Eu

Workers who are not from EU countries need to obtain a Work Visa to be able to live and work in Spain. Without a Work Visa a company cannot legally employ non-EU citizens. There are various types of Work Visas for Spain for different types of jobs and for different lengths of employment.

How do I get a work permit for Spain?

Work as an Employee (Highly-skilled) The employer must then request a Work Visa from the Ministry of Labour. Work permit applications can take up to 8 months to process so forward planning is needed. Once the Ministry of Labour has approved the application, the embassy or consulate issue the work and residence visa.

How can a foreigner work in Spain?

Visa Requirements: Is it easy to get a job in Spain? – The ease of finding jobs in Spain and the requirements to work in Spain depend on your citizenship status. EU, EEA, or Switzerland citizens can easily move to Spain before securing a job and look for work locally.

  1. This is a huge advantage as Spanish people put a lot of emphasis on trusting and getting to know you before giving you a job;
  2. Not surprisingly, finding jobs through networking or walking door-to-door is still a preferred way of securing a job in Spain;

The requirement for non-EU citizens wanting to work in Spain is stricter. Non-EU citizens need to have a signed work contract before moving to the country. After that, the company in Spain needs to apply for a work permit by proving that your role is on the shortage occupation list or is hard to fill in locally.